Serial numbers

Where are are they on the new Focal website?

Mike, on the Focal site there’s a page called “Find a Serial Number”;

To find it, look for a series of letters and numbers (12 characters) on your product. For example: CKDBLLF01806.

If you Google “Naim serial numbers”, a direct link comes up with the new page layout…

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Got it, cheers.

Of COURSE there’s a “Focal” site. D’oh!(puts hand to forehead).

I was actually referring to the NAIM site and trying to be ironic, given it’s new additional emphasis.

No mention of NAIM on the front page of the New Masters’ site, I note.

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Ah, OK, see the link above in Yetizone’s post.

As for the Focal site front page, you’ll find that Naim is mentioned almost immediately as you scroll down the page (Focal powered by Naim), again mentioned for the Focal & Naim Newsletter, and also at the bottom of the page there’s a link to the Naim website.