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My son and I have tickets for Roma v Atalanta in January 2024. The game is listed for Sunday 7 January on the official Roma site but is said to be subject to confirmation. I’ve never attended a Serie A game. Does anyone have experience of attending football in Italy? Does this mean that it could be on an entirely different day (Saturday?) or simply that kick off may be a different time than listed?

@MaxBertola ?

My experience of attending football personally is longtime now. I hope I can help.

Serie A is played on different days, and times of day, of the week.
A match is usually postponed or anticipated only in case of serious issues like rainstorms or public order. I see no reason why the game should be postponed, and even less for an anticipation; but of course I cannot take responsibility for that.

In my limited experience matches do respect the scheduled calendar; they’re not trains or political programs.
I see here:

that Roma-Atalanta is not, or no more, subject to confirmation. If you want to be sure, the best thing you can do - and I think you’ve done it already - is to subscribe to the newsletter. If you want, I have no problem calling them on Monday and have more direct news. I don’t think you have to worry about the match being unavailable when you’re in Rome, but it’s just my opinion.


If it’s of any help, you can contact me any time when you’re in Italy for infos or peace of mind… I’m sure Richard Dane will have no problem giving you my email address, and I will give you my number.


Thanks so much for that Max! I really appreciate the insight. I feel much more confident about booking our travel now. I appreciate your offer of the contact details too and will be in touch if I have any other questions. Very much looking forward to some Serie A and a little bit of Rome too!

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