Server files don't play

I have a collection of music files stored on a smb/cifs server.

These play when using Sonos, but not using Naim

Do you have upnp server software on the server? If. It, it won’t work.

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What are you playing the music on?

Maybe it’s the joint stereo issue I came across with my mu-so v1.

Remember this one?
You’ll need to install something like “asset” or “minimserver” or various other upnp server software.
Don’t you use lms? In which you have the solution already. You’ll need to set up lms to serve these file shares as well.

Perhaps the OP thinks that if they ask the same question enough, then they will get a different answer.


You have raised a not insubstantial number of threads, about how to get. a Muso Qb to work as you wish.
Perhaps you should ask @Richard.Dane to close all threads, except one and you do all your postings on that one thread, with all the countless question, which really are on the same subject?
Even now you have posted the same thing on two different threads.
@HungryHalibut has already made a similar very valid comment. If you post on the forum, it would be appropriate, not to say polite to regular check in. If you can’t do that, then perhaps wait until you have time.

I don’t find your comments helpful. It’s surely no big deal to post on separate occasions. And I have no idea what you mean by same thing on 2 separate threads.

I asked a specific question about server use, hardly countless. I have a satisfactory reply from those who’ve responded and whom I thank.

Thanks. The fact that the file share and the associated folders and files are listed in the app led me to believe they would be playable. Evidently not. I understand now the requirement for a separate upnp server.

No. It had simply slipped my memory that I may have asked something similar elsewhere.

So are you now happy that you know what you need to do?

Yes, thanks.

Excellent. Asset would be my choice.

Asset - don’t know that one. Will check it out. Thanks again for your help.

It’s made by the dBPoweramp people.

Server up and running - using the inbuilt media server on my Keenetic router. Thanks for putting me on the right track!

You haven’t said what your Naim device is, however please be aware as a general rule, the built-in media servers that tend to come free have been mentioned on here to be not as good on quality as servers such as Asset and Minimserver used by many Naim HiFi nuts. Asset does have a free 1 month trial. Anyway as least you are up and running

It’s a qb2.
If my music library were larger then a separate NAS-like solution would be better, I agree. I use the muso mainly for radio & tidal.