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Hi everyone, I wanted to know with ND5xs2 and its Apple app by going to the “server” icon what the “local music” item refers to. It’s always empty, I don’t think it’s the usb!

Do you have server mode activated?

Yes :blush:look…

Same question. my Nova can not find servers sometimes and keeps going back to the empty Local music folder…Annoying.

My understanding is that you only need to enable server mode if you want other devices on your network to see the files on your Nova; to “serve” locally to the Nova itself you only need to attach the USB (or the microSD) and then you can access with the USB input (limited views and metadata) or the local files (regular metadata).

Why not add some local content via USB and give it a go? It’s been in my list but so far I’ve been very very lazy!!

Regards alan

Hi DrBedlo,

This is an unhappy situation: failing to find UPnP servers on your network is often a pointer to underlying network issues. How are things connected in your home network (wired back to your router, wired with switches, combination of wired and wifi, etc.) Do you also sometimes have trouble with the app finding the Nova itself, or just with the Nova finding your UPnP server(s)?

Regards alan

Then it would be enough to select usb! It makes no sense to select local music instead!

If you have all your music on a USB stick, then if you choose USB option you can just navigate folders, but if you select server, then local music, it reads all the metadata of your USB files, and gives you a much better experience. It’s how I mostly listen to my music.

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And to listen to another device such as the cube?

It should also see any other upnp devices on your LAN

Server Mode enables a version of Naim’s UPnP server to run on the ND5 so that other devices on your network can access music attached to its USB input. This is not limited to Naim devices, any UPnP streaming client device should be able to use it.
To play from the USB device on the ND5 you do not need to enable Server Mode. The music files are still found under Local Music with metadata rather than using the more basic folder view you see in the USB input. So you get a much better browsing experience using the Server input.


Thanks for pointing out that the Local Music can be browsed without enabling Server Mode; I had not realized this! What is the advantage of switching Server Mode off?

I think it has to do with standby power consumption being reduced.

In standby mode, the main transformer is normally turned off to reduce power consumption. If you enable server mode, the transformer remains powered up as it is required in order to make the server discoverable over the network to potential client devices that try to access it.
As a side effect if this, you may find that keeping the main PSU warmed up in this way improves sound quality a bit.


Since I bought the ND5 xs2 I always keep the server mode activated …

Alternatively, ‘Server Mode = Off’ and ‘Auto Standby = Never’. That would have the same beneficial effect on sound quality. But perhaps at the expense of even greater power consumption than by allowing the unit to slip into standby but with Server Mode on tickover?

The reality here is you’re unlikely to notice any difference in terms of performance whatever mode you actually use. The various modes are there for convenience and to support compliance to European Code of Conduct and other regional power consumption guidelines which all consumer electronics have to be compliant against.
The main system component that does benefit from being left on is a power amplifier as the capacitors will take a while to energise fully from a cold power on, once they’ve been on for 30/40 minutes they’ll work as well as they are designed to, leaving these things on all the time won’t make them magically work better, it just means they are going to perform more consistently, the variables on a digital source like an ND will be minimal compared to a NAP or NAIT being left on constantly.
Another thing to bare in mind is if things are left on constantly they need to be used to discharge the components and exercise them. There’s also no issue switching Naim equipment off entirely, it won’t hurt it, it’s just become the preference to leave it all on to ensure consistent performance.

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