Server’s gone AWOL..!

Since the recent app upgrade the version running on my iPad can’t see the server on my NAS drive. It is fine on my iPhone.

I have,

Deleted app and reinstalled it. Deleted app, updated NAS OS, re-indexed the media, rebooted the NAS, reinstalled app. And variations on those actions, and still the app can’t see the server. I am lost as to what else to try because in the past something along these lines has solved any issues.

Any ideas?

NAS is a Synology and has been just fine. NDX2 is the player. It was all working perfectly till the update. Apart from the recent firmware update there have been no other changes and as far as I know the firmware update had no effect on this. Plus of course the app is working on my iPhone.

One thing to check is that your iPad is allowing the Naim app to search your local network. It’s either under Privacy or Location Services in setup in the iPad, depending what version of iPad it is.

Also you are sure your iPad is on the same WiFi network as your NDX2?

Always worth doing a shut down and restart of everything, including your router. Restart your router first, then any switches, then the server/NAS and the NDX2 last.

Whilst I normally use Roon I noticed that server discovery with the latest version of the app seem unreliable and slow. This was on 2 iPads running IOS 14.x. Interestingly the beta version on the same devices was OK.

I have updated my iPads to IOS 15.2 and the problem has disappeared so perhaps you can do the same if not done already?

I have similar issue here with NDX hanging and finding NAS since last update. Although in other ways the app seems more reliable especially with discovery of rooms when reopening app.

I think if I just use one device to control the two streamers the NAS issue doesn’t happen……still need to test this theory though……

Updating the iPad iOS solved the problem. Thank you. I did that first because the router was in use with the TV. I suppose if the app update was due to changes in iOS, then that was a necessary step - didn’t occur to me though.

It’s not supposed to be a necessary step! But it does seem to solve a rare issue that we didn’t see in beta testing…

I think there must be a difference between builds.

On both my iPads server discovery was slow with the production release often with some servers missing. I have some Panasonic PVR’s which should show up and 2 instances of Asset and often I would only see 2 out of the 5 or none at all.

The Beta release on the same devices worked perfectly as did the production version once ios was updated.

I’m still running IOS 14.8.2 on my iPad and the release app has no trouble finding my Core instantly.

Something odd with this …… I haven’t seen any of the problems reported in this thread at any time during the update changes.
I always keep iOS & Android updated with current software.
Naim control point is iPad with 15.2, Naim app is either the latest beta, but 5.23 at moment, Synology is latest DSM-7, & Asset is 7.4 beta-5

Thanks for posting this and for the respondents as I had exactly the same issue on my iPad, but not my iPhone or my wife’s iPad and so I set about all sorts of re-sets and downloading, to no avail until I updated my IOS, which now works.

It was very odd, as my iPad would pick it up if I had my Nas running (MinimServer) from another device, but then lose it later.

Same issue for me. I’m downloading the latest version of iOS pad

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