Service of a naim Supercap DR

So no more upgrades to DR dose that also mean that naim is not going to service DR equipment as well if they are still offering that service my only option is to find a pre-owned DR version of the supercap and get it serviced :thinking:

I don’t interpret this as meaning DR equipment is no longer serviced.
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No, definitely not the case.

Why on earth would Naim not service DR kit…? Crazy… :crazy_face:

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Virtually all of the current Naim range uses DR, so ending service would pretty much mean shutting down the entire service department. So no, it’s only the conversion that is no longer offered.

Servicing of DR will continue as normal, it’s just the updating of earlier non-DR kit to DR that has been suspended.

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Suspended or stopped?

IIRC the original communique suggested suspension. I’d imagine then that if the situation of parts supply and service capacity suddenly improved that would then give an opportunity to review the decision in future.

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Might be a silly question Richard but do you think there’s a chance that in the future the OC could be on upgraded to benefit from some of the latest tech?

Anything specific you’re thinking of here?

A NC volume pot>ladder upgrade on the 552 would be very interesting to me

I can’t see that happening unless the NAC552 undergoes a major redesign/update, and even then, to convert an original NAC552 may well be uneconomical.

If you make such a modification the product needs to undergo the whole certification process (CE) since it is a significant change of the product and then I guess the old models need to apply to i.e the new eco standards and all such things meaning you need to rebuild a lot. Might be within that area the end of DR upgrades is too…Simply too much work and given all new products that is out and is coming I believe they have to make very hard prioritizations.

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Good to preserve the non DR units ,I think


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