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The UnitiServe is in service band 9. Repairs cost £599, or service and repair £999. That was the 2022 price. Your dealer may charge postage on top. I’ve seen a price of £149 for screen replacement mentioned on here.

You need to liaise with a Naim dealer to get this resolved. Given the cost of a Serve repair, it may be time to consider a new server. Hopefully you have a flac backup of the files. If it’s on a NAS you may be able to just use that.

Have you previously had a poor experience with Naim service? It seems wrong to dismiss them in such a way.

You should be able to take the drive out, at which point you could see if you can hook it up to another device to transfer the files. (Possibly via an external USB enclosure)

Or if the HDD itself that’s no longer working, there’s specialised companies that can get the data off for you.

when we had a power fault - a negative earth which affected several houses in our close and various appliances the electricity company sorted it out and replaced or repaired anything FREE
5 naim boxes were taken by courier and checked by naim at the electric company’s cost
it was fortunate fuses but i was charged nothing

I did not, it’s pure a language thing.

Is it? :thinking:

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Ah yes, it’s here

So we don’t need to go over old ground.

For sake of clarity, my comment was made in general, I’ve no bad experience with Naim.

I’m waiting for a change to my electricity setup for over half a year and they don’t even ring back despite an ongoing escalation. Thinking of starting a legal process to get what I need. Hence ‘service response’ - the topic header is seen as an oxymoron by me.


Thanks for the response. As expected the cost far exceeds the value of the Unitiserve ,time ripping the CDs apart , so it’s not worth pursuing. I can always use my Star and back it up this time.

Service in this context referred to the department not the action.

Still got a Uniti 2 with a blank screen…

£150 for Naim to fix it doesn’t seem at all bad, setting aside that it ideally wouldn’t have gone wrong in the first place.

The Uniti2 is a nice unit and I am fairly sure that it has the 24/192 board in it, so Naim should be able to fit a new screen for under £200. If it were me, I would get that screen replaced.

I doubt very much NAIM would do this repair for £150. I think that price was for the aftermarket display part only. Naim’s repair price, even if they can do it, would be £599.

As far as “Dealer Service” is concerned, don’t get me started. You guys in the UK have some good dealers but that’s far from the case in the rest of the world. “Not interested” has been my experience, on the whole. If I have any issues now, I don’t even bother with the local dealers, I just contact Focal Naim America directly.


Find another dealer!

I haven’t bought all my Naim kit from my dealer, but they treat me equally for support on Naim kit I bought from them and Naim kit I didn’t.

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We would say that no respose is a response.

Naim certainly were offering straight screen replacements for about that figure. It is done separate from a service if you just want the screen replacing. I don’t know if they are still offering it, but it was certainly an option not all that long ago. Here’s the first and most official post I found about it

Yes exactly. I paid about £150 for Naim to fit a new screen on one of my Superunitis a couple of years ago. Plus £30 for my dealer to send it off to Naim for me.

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If that’s still the case, then great!

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