Servicing a Naim 250 amp ? Does it improve SQ?

I have a 2nd hand 250 amp, will a service improve the sound quality or is it a waste of money ?

If the amp is around 10 years old it is likely to benefit from a service if it hasn’t previously had one. Do you know it’s history?

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My CB250 definitely sounded better after service. Can’t recall how old it was at the time but I already suspected it wasn’t sounding its best.

The olive 250 already had a recent enough service.


Thanks for the replies, especially for the suggestion about the music room !!
As I’m new to the forum, lesson learnt !!

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Naim can confirm whether it has already been updated. If it has not been done in the last decade or so, I would say a service is very worthwhile -it was on my olive 250.


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Servicing Naim components is a must. 10 years on power amps, 15 years on some power supplies such as XPS2, 10 years on Supercap. Preamps 15 years. This is what Darran told me at Class A audio.

Darran at Class A audio is quick and cheaper than Naim and is authorised service provider.

Naim take alot longer to turnaround kit.

I took 52, XPS2 and Supercap 2 to Darran and he did it all in a day. I can’t recommend him enough. He gets it done well and is only authorised agent in UK other than Naim. And prices are very reasonable.


Of course for specialised servcing only Naim can do that. They have my NDS at moment for screen replacement. And they can service items that Darran can’t such as streamers and some CD players and 500 amps.

But if you have a CB or Olive 250 then send it to Darran. Looking at 300 notes. Done. He can do insured postage each way at cost.

Get it done.

My boxes sound fantastic now they are all done. Sounded great before, but knowledge that your system is tip top means alot.

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And nap 300 too

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That’s right @TimOopNorth. But he can do a 555PS. Anyhow, as first port of call ask if he can do it or not. If he can’t Naim will sort it out. But it may take weeks. Been waiting 3 weeks now for simple job screen replacement. This is what you get with big company. Good job I got the ND5XS2.

Come on Naim. Get my NDS sorted! It will take you guys minutes. Why are you sitting on it? Hurry up guys. Life is too short.



I keep waiting to read about your impressions of the ND5XS2 feeding the NDS, so come on Naim, hurry up. lol

For the OP not a 250 amp, but I recently had my HiCapDr serviced and the SQ improvement was quite noticeable.


Hi forum

What does a service on an olive Nap 250 comprise of, and were there any naim updates carried out whilst it was in production ?



As far as I know @Pieman it’s a case of replacing the capacitors which last about 8 to 10 years on Olive gear. They may well last alot longer than that. Then testing everything works. I don’t think that updates are carried out as such as it’s not a computer.

They do a soak test and sound test and check everything works properly and sounds right.

Hi Dan

I think that gradually the capacitors decline in performance, and eventually give up, if not replaced.

If left for a very long time they can deteriorate so much they can leak.

Much better to get things serviced, to keep things in good order.




Many years ago I had an olive 250. One of the output caps failed, as evidenced by a strange distortion on one channel. This was after perhaps around 8 years or so. It got sent back to Naim and serviced and I was surprised how different it sounded.

It came back sounding considerably sharper and more dynamic, although some of the previous warmth and ‘cosiness’ had gone. But a clear improvement.

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Indeed, all of my system has been serviced now. I use Darran at Class A. Only authorised service agent apart from Naim in UK.

He serviced my Supercap 2, XPS2 and 52 all in a day while I did a weekend of visiting family and friends.

Impressive service. I booked it up well in advance. And now my system sounds sublime!

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