Servicing an XPS

Hi, I’ve just found a 2008 XPS 2 (non-DR) at a reasonable price, the seller (a hifi shop, but not a Naim dealer, I suspect) claims that it does not need servicing as it hasn’t been used much (2000h).

There is another thread on the subject (“XPS Service”), but there doesn’t seem to be a definite answer. What do XPS owners think?

Hi Sam

I have an XPS-2 2009 model for couple of years now, my Naim dealer’s ex demo but not used that much previously over the years

Should go for another 5 years I’m thinking before service , sounds excellent to me


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I’ve heard we should stick roughly to Naims recommended service intervals, as the caps tend to dry out over time, regardless of how much or little they are used.


As above the electrolytics dry out ( it’s a bit more comple than that, but think if it as drying out) where used or not. Although the degradation ( like most things) is accelerated by heat (use).
Personal view would be to get it serviced. It resets the capacitor clock and deals with another defects. And you will then have trouble free use going forward.

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The Caps go purely based on age - not hours.

For ‘Black’ units - inc the XPS2 - Naim recommend a 12 to 15 year service interval, I relive… :thinking:

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" Based on age, not hours."

If you mean they degrade whether used or not that’s correct. But use, (heat) does accelerate their demise.

Service is every 12 to 15 years for black boxes. When I bought my CDS3 with XPS2 I got Darran at Class A to service it. It was in line for a service as your XPS is so I would get it done personally. All my amps and power supplies have been serviced apart from my 2012 Supercap 2. Will get it done in a couple of years.

Thank you for your replies - there seems to be a consensus. I’ve sent stuff to Darran before - I was very happy with his work.


If you can get a good price for the XPS2 then go for it and then get it serviced. Just looked at my invoice and was £205 including shipping one way. Was serviced one year ago by Darran. Good luck! It will then be as good as new.

Be aware that if you did, at a future date, decide to get it DRd, it is expensive, around £1200 I believe, as most of it is replaced (so I was told)

If you want an XPS DR then buy one used. Will be cheaper than upgrading to DR on an XPS2. You can get one a bit marked up for around £2500 used.

XPS2 is very good as is. Once serviced you have that peace of mind.

DR will be better but depends on budget.

I considered upgrading to XPSDR but have used my 555PS on my NDS with the CDS3 and it sounds better still.

Will just leave it as it is for now.

As @Dan_M says leave as xps as is. Service yes, but don’t bother getting it dr’d.
If you want a xpsdr then buy on as is. I paid £2700 for a 2018? mint with a box etc. But that was a year ago. Maybe it would cost a bit more now.

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Second hand XPS DRs are thin on the ground, that’s the problem.
But I do agree that converting to DR would not be a good idea.

I picked one up last week on a well known auction site for £2300. It’s an immaculate 2017 DR complete with Burndy and Powerline lite.
One went a few days before for similar money.
Probably cheaper than servicing and DR for an older one. They come up quite often as people upgrade to 555.

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You did great. That’s a really good price for XPSDR.

Until I am persuaded to venture along the 555 PS route! But at least buying secondhand means less depreciation! In the meantime I’m not listening to anything said on this forum or I’ll end up auditioning 552 ….300….500 and I’ll be working until I’m 70 to pay for them!
:thinking: seriously though…,very happy with the new purchase.

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Back in 2014, my pre-loved XPS2 (non-DR of course) was ‘only’ £1100 (inc S-XPS Burndy), from a well know Leicestershire Naim dealer. But it did have some obvious cosmetic damage to the casing sleeve. Has since been service, in Sheffield.

That’s what they go for. Add £1200 for DR and then it’s an older unit with DR badge sticker. If you are happy with XPS2 leave it, service it and be done. Otherwise worthwhile buying original DR unit which be worth more on resale. Should be able to get good newish 3 to 4 year old unit for £2300 to £2800, depending on age and condition.

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Yup. Happy here… :grinning:

As I have said on here before, I am in the (relative) Cheap Seats amongst Naim owners/users…

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