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A week or so ago in the Burn In thread Cohen1263 mentioned that he understood that the service interval for Statement was potentially double that of other Naim gear. I’m interested in finding out more about this as my full Statement system is coming up to 9 years old. Some three years ago at the point of the change in distributorship down here in NZ I emailed Naim asking for information around servicing etc but never received a response ( other than a ticket no ). So any information via the forum would be helpful and appreciated

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I think @110dB would be best placed to advise.

I very much hope that by the time you need it servicing - it must be at least the 15 years of the 500 series - that you can get it done without shipping 260kg of equipment half way around the world. @NeilS is likely to be able to tell you, as well as Steve.

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I’m not sure that this is something that has been done to date. If it has, it certainly didn’t come through the Service Department in the traditional fashion.

I’d suggest contacting Tech Support again, marked for the attention of Flynn Charter.


Jason Gould told me 20 years for my S1 murrayh. Good advise from the guys though to confirm with Naim HQ :+1:

Whatever it sounds rather difficult, and expensive.
Good luck

Thanks everyone and yes I will try reaching out to Naim again and will share any info received. As some have noted it’s a long way to ship and won’t be a cheap exercise in and of itself just getting them there. So hopefully a good few years away yet.:grinning:

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….and fortunately all going pretty well presently

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What a great looking system

Like your SL-1000R - first I’ve seen in a system on here. I had a bit of a look at one when buying my 1200G, they certainly look and feel very solid! Sadly I didn’t get a listen. I’m not going to ask how it compares to the 1200G X)

Also interested, if anyone knows, how the intervals go so long for statement - it’s a good thing not to have to move such kit around very often, just curious how they extend the intervals versus other kit.

My mates G was the first TT I heard through my system since I ditched vinyl in 2006. It did not disgrace itself via Statement.


What speakers are you using?

Hi @murrayh, …and @Neilb1906

Statement does have a long service interval compared to our older legacy equipment.

Olive style equipment was approx. 10 years, after a ‘recap’ it would sound as new. BB2k AKA triptych, black box classic etc is approx. 15 years.

New Classic and Statement will also be 15 years, could be 20 years in perfect conditions (mix of standby, cool running conditions, low humidity etc).

The service interval is not the useful life expected. Our service interval is to keep the equipment in peak listening performance. Over time the large power supply capacitors (circled in red below - inside of the NAP S1) lose performance storing less energy and ability to release energy fast. This has an effect on sound quality.

Other items such as signal switches and connectors can oxidise. The oxide layers can add non-linearity. For my own home system I pull out and plug back in connectors to ‘wipe’ the oxide layer. I do this every year or so. (speakers and source connectors)

Small signal capacitors used to connect internal stages can also degrade. We change these during a re-cap service. BB2K and older used mechanical volume controls (called potentiometers or variable resistors) these can wear. New classic and Statement use switched resistor network volume controls. We expect those to sound new for the life of the product.

All hi-fi (electronic) equipment has a service interval, some manufactures do not offer the re-cap service or such a comprehensive service.

Our Vereker showroom Statement system (pre-production) has not missed a beat in 9 years. I’ll have to compare it to a newer system in 5 years or so. Together with the service team R&D write a service plan and procedure.



…Looks somewhat like Focal Scala Utopia’ in the lamp reflection? :slight_smile:


Just look at the workmanship/engineering going on there.
Naim must be very proud of the Statement Series. :+1: :exploding_head:

That’s great detective work :wink:

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Haha Eagle eyes!

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Thanks very much for the info Steve. Somewhat comforting given the logistics involved when they do need to come back to you. And when a servicing plan is worked out an idea of the cost would be helpfui. And yes quite the detective close but no cigar. They are Maestro Evos. They do work very well with the Statements. I had 800s previously

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