As I bought my Naim separates in 2014 and weren’t new back then I wanted to touch on servicing.

As they haven’t been serviced for many years I presume the advice would be …get them serviced. But what would be the order …

Firstly is there any tale tell signs that say you should defo get that separate serviced first …maybe humming etc?
Secondly … would it be based on price …most expensive first
Thirdly … Amps before pre amps
Also do Hi caps and/or Napsc need servicing

Regards Lee

You can tell because they sound a lot better when they come back!

I had a 250 suddenly sound a bit off when overdue some attention but generally I think the changes are slow so you don’t notice until they are refreshed.

Hicap definitely, not sure about NAPSC.


Well, from experience, they will be underway for a good while. When you don’t have spare components to swap in (some do, but not everyone) you might as well send in the whole enchilada, and ask your dealer for a Muso/Atom/something on loan, or buy/sell one yourself.

If all that fits your budget of course, servicing has a price and getting stuff DR-ed can be an investment (see the 2022 service/upgrade price list in another recent thread).

As always, contact your dealer/distributor for advice, they will handle things anyway. Unless you’re in the UK where you can also contact Class A directly for guidance (and shorter turnaround).

The priority is generally Power Amps & Power Supplies first - especially with 250’s or above
(because they are regulated amps).

Preamps are not such a propriety…

The Naim advice is:



This is exactly what I was looking for, really useful thanks Ian

Many moons ago I am sure Naim would allow direct sending of Naim back to them, isnt it bit fussy having to go through a shop! I don’t want to be sold anything I just want to improve my lovely Naim

It’s similar to car main dealers. You would not be allowed to buy service or parts from Ford or BMW directly.

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Darren at Class A in Sheffield is a Naim approved service agent. You can ship directly to him and his turnaround is typically faster than Naim.



Ah yes, I remember reading a few years ago that a few approved service agents exist. I will make contact

Regards Lee

Not so much a few, in the U.K. just the one officially approved alternative to a Factory service - Class A.

That is a few:-)
Anyway there are good forum reports so I have pinged him a message

Thanks Richard

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