Set sleep timer using remote

Looked for an answer, but couldn’t find one.

Can you set the sleep timer using the Nova remote? The Muso 2 remote?

You use the app.

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The Nova remote functionalities :

  • Back button — Used to go back to the previous screen.

    1. Home button — Shows the Home screen on the front panel. Press and hold (for 3 seconds) to pair the remote.
    1. Now Playing button — Shows the ‘Now Playing’ screen for the input selected and times out to the album artwork view/less detailed view.
    1. Skip back button — Used to skip back a track.
    1. Play button — Used to play streamed media.
    1. Skip Forward button — Used to skip forward a track.
    1. Volume down button — Turns down the volume of playback.
    1. Mute button — Mutes the playback.
    1. Volume up button — Turns up the volume of playback.
    1. Battery compartment — Located on the rear of the handset.
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Thanks. There’s also a clock button. I thought maybe I could use that to set the timer.

FR missed points 1-9 :slight_smile:

    1. Power / Standby button — Puts Uniti Nova into Network Standby.
    1. Favourites button — Scrolls through favourite internet radio stations which can be set-up using the Naim app.
    1. Multiroom button — Reserved for future functionality — the Naim app should be used for multiroom functionality
    1. Input selection — Brings up the input carousel on the front panel which allows the user to select the required input.
    1. Clock button — Used to display the clock.
    1. Options button — Shows additional information when available as indicated by the ’…’ on the front panel.
    1. Brightness button — Toggles through four brightness settings for the illuminated buttons, volume ring and Naim logo.
    1. Navigation buttons — Used to navigate around the front panel display.
    1. OK button — Used to confirm selections.


I badly copied and pasted apparently. Thanks to providing the beginning :+1:


Nice I will have to copy some of this to my own notes about the remote.
But it is really strange my favorits button does not switch among favorits as indicated. But at least in activates my most use internet radio favorit on the 555.

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I would like to help, but unfortunately don’t have a Nova.
Maybe @Naim.Marketing should be able to give you an answer.

You can scroll through presets, but not favourites on your Uniti Nova remote control. (Favourites are solely App based.) A reminder re presets:

On Uniti Atom, Star or Nova systems, plus ND 5 XS2, NDX 2 and ND 555 players (running software version 3.5 or higher), you can create unlimited numbers of Presets from your favourite Internet Radio Stations, or Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal playlists, albums and tracks. Scroll through your Presets on the front panel of your streamer, including using your remote control handset, or see and arrange your Presets in the App.

Yes I mixzed presets and favorits! and now it works 30 percent of the time. You need to press the favorits twice to switch to the next favorit. If you press it too slow or too fast it does not work, it seems you have to do it just the right way! When it works it seem to work consistantly but sometimes a press of home first seems to increase the chance of this working!

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