Set up to enable Dolby Atmos to my TV

I have a Yamaha RX-A840 bought 2014 and I would like to upgrade to enable Dolby Atmos in conjunction with my LG 65C14K oled 2021 tv.
Basically the Yamaha just does the surround sound 5.1 and its connected to NaimNAC202/203 which I use for my Linn LP12,CD player and Antipodes music server for 2 channel.
And I was thinking of getting the Sony STR-AN1000 as a pre out to my Naim NAC will I still be able to use as my current set up to enable Dolby Atmos to my TV?
Does the pre out work in this way for any 7.2 or 5.1 home cinema amplifiers to my Naim setup?

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I’ve been looking closely at Sony AVRs since they seem to integrate well with our new Sony TV. My understanding is that only the two largest ES series AVRs have pre-outs. (STR-AZ5000ES and STR-AZ7000ES).

I use the pre-out of my marantz avr to feed my 252 the front left/right of my 5.1 setup. You don’t mention if you currently have any height speakers in addition to the normal surround sound set up. Without them any atmos effects would be ‘pseudo’ dependent on down mixing by the processor.

Why not just get a soundbar?
I got a Sennheiser one recently,. The difference is amazing even though it’s not set up ideally because of my room layout.
Programmes such as Planet Earth 3 are fantastic.
I even prefer to stream through it than my. Speakers.
Plus if you’ve got Prime or Netflix you can get the best out of movies with Dolby Atmos

For those with less deep pockets, Samsung’s Q series soundbars with rear speakers (i.e., currently the 990C and 930C) are excellent and in my situation (at least) far superior than a two channel system.

I use a Denon AVC-X4700H and take it’s Pre-Out Front L&R into my Streamer/DAC/Pre-Amp for the Front L&R of my 5.1 System for Dolby Atmos.
I’m not allowed anymore speakers in my family lounge room so don’t have “height” speakers for the full ATMOS sound effects, but the processor in the Denon knows I only have 5.1 connected speakers and optimises ATMOS for that set up and it sounds very very good.
My understanding is that you need a mid to high spec AV Amp to get Pre-Out functionality these days so be sure to check that the AV Amp you are thinking of buying has the Pre-Out’s and if so you can integrate into your Naim Stereo System.

My opinion of this, as someone with both full ATMOS 7.1.4 speakers on one room and a lowly sound bar in another and plain stereo in yet another, is that the downmixing of ATMOS if you do not have the ceiling speakers, is not worth a dedicated ATMOS amp.

I’ve used Yamaha AV amps in the past and then Denon, and the Denon amps, to my ears, are streets ahead in terms of clarity and punch. But that said, a non ATMOS amp, of very good quality, to a ATMOS amp of similar good quality, but both without the ceiling mounted speakers is very much a case of meh. Unless you are seriously considering adding the ceiling speakers, then I would stick with your current amp unless it is deficient in some other way (lack of 4K, lack of inputs etc.) .

Although an ATMOS enabled amp will downmix everything to whatever speakers you have, it is really not a game a changer until you start adding silly numbers of speakers. And I’m not knocking, that. As mentioned, I have done 7.1.4 in one room. But I don’t feel like my non ATMOS 5.1 content, or lowly soundbar system are pale in comparison. So I would consider carefully before spending any money and manage your expectation accordingly.


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