Set Up without Remote?

I have a Naim atom and recently purchased a Naim Nova. For some reason, I cannot find the remote that was supposed to have come with the Nova—I don’t know if wasn’t in the box or if I misplaced it. In any event, since I don’t really need the remote, I was hoping to set up the Nova without it. I can’t seem to use the Naim app on my iPad to set up the new Nova, because it asks for the remote to be paired. Should I try to pair the remote which is currently used with the atom? Can this be done? Any help would be appreciated.

If you can’t get past the remote setup screen in the app, you can try pairing your Atom remote as per these instructions:

Thanks for your help. Actually I was able to pair the remote which had been paired to the Atom to pair with the Nova so everything good now. Thanks for your help

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