Settings for Unitiqute 2 into Nait 2

I know this has been covered before but I can’t find the posts. Apologies.

I have been using a UnitiQute 2 and some Rega RS5 speakers as my standalone system for some time. I have a Nait 2 and Rega Ela mk1 speakers sitting in a closet and am missing their special sound. I’d heard that some had successfully used their Qute as a streamer/preamp, and I’m wondering what settings should be on it to connect it to my Nait. The manual only specifies to set Speakers to “none.” Thought I remembered something about a specific volume setting.


The Unitiqute has a pre out, which is post volume control. That’s ideal for a separate power amp, but what you really want for an integrated is line out, i. e. pre volume control. You will be going through two preamps and two volume controls, which isn’t really what you want.

You have two choices for your volume control - set the Qute and use the Nait volume control or vice versa - and that might depend on whether you need to use the remote control!

I used to use my Qute as a streamer into my 252 preamp. I set the Qute volume at something like 68 to try to match the volume level to my CD player. This set up is further complicated by the fact that one remote control operates both items - not something you’ll need to worry about with the Nait! Have you got other sources going into the Nait?

I would just have the Qute running into the Nait. No other sources.

This was the subject of discussion some time ago. IIRC, switch the Nait off before going to the Unitiqute menu and selecting ‘no speakers’. The volume level on the Unitiqute should be set to ‘84’ which equates to the line-level output ie no attenuation. Unfortunately the Unitiqute doesn’t have a fixed line out which you probably already know. I would also use the volume limit facility on the Unitiqute and set the maximum to ‘84’ at the same time. Turm the volume control on the Nait to zero before switching it on and you should be set to go.

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