Setup for Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers

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First posting here but read on occasion. I’d love some suggestions on a setup to compliment my Dynaudio heritage special speakers. I’m currently demo ing a pair of Cambridge edge mono blocks but am thinking about a complete system from naim possibly going the 282/250 route. I currently own anova that powers a pair of Dynaudio special forties and that combination sounds beautiful. I’ve been researching equipment for a while and came here for more info. Thanks In advance.

I think a 282 (+ HiCap DR) / 250 would be a great amp combo to drive Heritage Specials. Truly wonderful speakers imo. Both to hear and to look at.


I would guess the 250 with the Dynaudio Heritage would be a tad warm. I’ve owned the 250 and very briefly auditioned the Heritage.

perhaps the 250 DR would be a better

Yeah the DR is more articilate…but the old 250 is still really good…and is good with the 282…pre… go for it and enjoy!!!

If you’re going to shell out those kind of sums then 282/HC/250DR is best.

Another thing to note is that it’s is a pretty difficult speaker to drive. I’m still wondering if my NAP 135s would drive them well without sounding lean. Does anybody know how many watts the NAP 135s put out at 4ohms?

I think it’s 135 watts as for NAP 135.

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