Setup NDS and Spotify

The NDS with PS555/DR has been playing in my system for some time now. It’s used for ripped CDs and webradio and I am very happy with it.

I am currently thinking of using Spotify. However, I have no idea how to set up and operate this.

Does this require a connection from the PC (Intel NUC/Win10) to the streamer? Currently only Foobar2000 finds the NDS, other apps (Kodi, VLC) do not.

Further, is there anything to set in the NDS? The manual only says that it works.

But maybe things are important that I have not thought about so far?

Information is very welcome

If I remember correctly, you need to go into the settings in the NDS tools menu and input your Spotify account user name and password. Your NDS then connects directly to Spotify without the need for a computer etc. You will need to have taken out a Spotify Premium subscription though, it won’t setup on a free account.

Actually, I think what I’ve written above was for Tidal. For Spotify I’ve just had a quick look and I think you just need to have a phone/computer/tablet running a Spotify premium account. You use the Spotify app to choose what you want to play and then select the NDS from within the app and it will connect to the NDS and play the music through it. Once it’s connected and started playing, the NDS streams directly from Spotify, so you don’t need to keep the app open whilst it plays. Hopefully that makes sense and I’ve got it right this time!

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Jason is correct, you just need to put the Spotify app on your phone or iPad, and select the NDS from it. No computer required, just a network connection.
Tidal works a little differently in that you control it within the Naim app, not the Tidal app. You may want to try this too, as it has a lossless FLAC subscription level that offers better sound quality.


Thanks to you for the explanations. Downloaded the app on tablet and the same problem as foobar too. The streamer is not found. So far only the Naim app and the app Hi-Fi Cast can. Must probably research further why the others do not find the NDS.

The NDS must be on firmware version 4.4 or later. If it is on earlier firmware then go directly to 4.7. Also you have to turn Spotify on within the input settings for the NDS (you do this from the Naim app).



Thx David, the NDS is already on 4.7. But interesting about settings for NDS into Naim App. Will have a look into it.

Ok it’s in input settings, under the gear wheel icon in the Naim app. Good luck!

Hi @Hermann,
I hope you will enjoy your Nds as I enjoy mine .
You can also check if you prefer “ chassis “ or “floating “, at the back of the Nds.
A good switch and quality lan cable was mandatory for myself. Something like English Electric or Etheregen would definitely enhance it.
Then DesignA Catsnake Ethernet cable for instance, or Meicord.

First time I hear of ECS mono amps , which I see in your profile. What do they do differently vs Naim, with your 552?

Well yes, its there but only for premium. Thx again David, will see how to get a trial month.

Hi frenchrooster

I enjoy the NDS every day no question. Regarding a cable connection will still take a while. At the moment I use a WLAN route with 2 repeaters. The distance NDS to the router is more than 35m long and there is a ceiling and two walls in between. It sounds very good despite everything, only that the encryption and compression of the router/repeater combination (AVM) has problems with audio streams. At times it is interrupted because the processing power is not sufficient to convert the signal into audio promptly and directly. But I have a log on there and they are working on it. Nevertheless, I will soon lay a LAN cable.

Are you sure to learn about ECS Monos??? Ok it was a test against a NAP500 over 20 years ago and the ECS won. That’s all. However, I am thinking of buying a NAP500 (used) because service is no longer available for the ECS.

But I still like the massiv sound of it.

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Yes, was curious about ECS. Have never read someone owning them here, or elsewhere. I see that the designer is before Mana Stands.
As for Spotify, why not Tidal hifi instead?

Not really. The initiator was JW of Mana but the amplifier designer was Manoj Joshi, whom I met in London in 2015, as well as the boss of the company who built the amplifier. I still don’t understand why they didn’t establish themselves in the market.

Regarding Spotify or Tidal, I’m just getting started and working my way through. Not really intensive though, because last year all my CDs were ripped with a UnityServe and on the other hand several 1000 records waiting to be played. In fact, there is no essential reason to approach Spotify or Tidal. Because I am more than satisfied with what I have here. See this more as another way to discover new music. This forum and others are also involved in discovering new things.

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