Shahinian super elf

I would like to find a pair of speakers more suitable for nait 2.
I currently use the harbeth p3esr but I have seen that on paper the shahinian should interface better.
I just won them at auction but I think it will take a while for them to be delivered to me.
any of you have experiences with this speaker?

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Dear D
I have not heard the SH SE, but have been running Nait 2 with Neat Iota Alpha with great effect.

They play with great clarity, drive and bass for their small size.


thank you Fred11, I think the higher the sensitivity of the speakers the better the yield of the nait 2. I have seen the neat iota alpha but I have not taken them into consideration because of the aesthetics (beautiful but too small), instead I love the iota xplorer (beautiful but too expensive).
On the forum I read that many place side by side naim to shahinian speakers with excellent results, for this reason I was asking about super elf

The Xplorer is also very nice. Have owned them. I know the Alphas is a difficult load on paper, but IRL they work very well togerher, even though the Neats needs a little volume to come alive.
Shahinians are really beautiful.

I have owned Super Elfs for more than 15 years so I know them very well. They haven’t been sold for several years now (maybe more than 7-8 years?), so yours must be secondhand. I bought them from a dealer who sold Naim as well as Shahinian and he always viewed them as very well matched. I used mine with Naim 202/200 and then 282/200. They were great with vocals although perhaps lacked something in bass extension. When I moved to 252/300 I changed to PMC Fact 8, but have still kept the Super Elf’s as I am very fond of them. They are not fussy about placement. I used mine on decent stands placed just a few cm from a rear wall. I’m sure you will enjoy them!


Dear D

There is an article I found about a Queens NYC record shop owner who has Rega RP8, CB Nait 2 and Elf’s. he loves this combination. Not sure how to link article but if you google Shahinian Elf it in on the first page.

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