Share your naim Setup

The crowning achievement of my 2022 system is the Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition. It has been here for a while now and has just kept drawing me into this setup.

Enjoying latest test track, Soft Landing by Loy Ehrlich

No matter is Headphones or Speakers, it just sounds really good.


What keyboard and mouse are it? I’m looking for a present for a kid. Thanks!

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Very nice, and the lack of any dust appeals to my sense of ‘perfect’

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Great looking desk space - not sure id get much work done though- but heh there is more to life than work

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Hey man…those are Akko PC75B Mechanical Keyboard and Glorious Model O Wireless Mouse.

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Very lovely setup but is the systems thread not for this sort of post , or are we doing our own personal threads now?

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Thanks man. Benefit of cleaning every week and using light tone. Dust are less visible but none can avoid. However enclosed room are always best to keep dust away.

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Hard to work with it tbh…but then I spend most of my drawing session here. Hehe.

Thanks man…not sure how it goes…but if not allowed…don’t mind they delete it. Wouldn’t want to make an issue here. Not my purpose…

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