Sharing FLAC files in Windows 10 to Uniti Atom

Hi there,

First time user of a Naim streamer, got it hooked up with some Kef LS50 Metas and they sound fantastic. Struggling to set up a music sharing network from my PC though and wondered if anyone can give me some advice?

I’m using Windows 10, the PC is wired to the router as is the Atom, my PC can see the Atom when I go into Network but I cant see any music when I go into Server on the Naim app despite sharing the folder in windows. Admittedly I’m muddling along with this and don’t really know what I’m doing, can anyone help please?


Hi Ash, you need to run a UPnP server on your computer (or on another device on your network) to make the stored music files accessible to the Atom.
I believe Windows PCs have a basic server bundled with them, but a dedicated music server such as Asset is worth considering.

An simple alternative would be to put a copy of the files on a USB drive and connect that to the front or rear USB port on the Atom.

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Hi Chris,

I’ve got a Plex server running and since posting if I switch DNLA on it shows up in the app and works, but then disappears if I close the app or randomly haha!. Any ideas what’s happening there?

Thanks :blush:

Hi, I’m afraid I have no experience of Plex. It could be some sort of network discovery issue. Like other general purpose audio and video media servers it doesn’t seem to be very popular with Naim users. So if you can’t diagnose the problem I would still suggest that you consider Asset, which is tried and tested with Naim streamers, and is also well supported by its developer so you get good support if you experience any problems.

(or try the USB option :wink:)

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If you bought from a Naim dealer they should be able to help set you up correctly. (Yes you need a UPnP server). They should have guided you through all this.

I’ll give that a look, thanks again :blush:

I put my files on HDD and plug in to one if the usb’s.

Very simple and quick although, if using HDD would recommend keeping a second HDD which is a copy for backup. I actually have one for the Atom and another for the car.

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