Ok, fair point - it is the tips of the collars that become worn.
Will give Charles Tyrwhitt a go again, particularly as Pink has closed their shop in Dublin & the Kildare outlet one.

I have gone to getting made-to-measure shirts. There is a wide price disparity. My go-to shirts are about $120 each. We’re all proportioned differently, and for me personally I cannot abide shirts where the shoulder seam is in the wrong place. So to get the shoulders right, and the chest right, and the collar right, and the sleeves right . . . made to measure often is required. Otherwise it’s some sort of compromise.

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… and if it is all right, feel the ladies watching :slight_smile:

Indeed. I like to get my left cuff bigger than my right cuff to fit my watch.

I need a few new white, long sleeve shirts for work. Epaulettes and double breast pockets are a must. I have my usual source at a very reasonable £40 each. But can’t see anything on the high street these days.

Pilots also have deep pockets, Don.

I wear these in white, exclusively. I had some M&S ones bought at the same time but the Charles Tyrwhitt cuffs have lasted much better.


I do that too!

Women notice when a man is well-dressed. This I know!

“Good man yourself” as we say here.


For years I have bought Van Heuson shirts that wear well and last years

Agree - sea island cotton are a luxury. Especially if you can get Polo shirts … e.g.

I prefer these to Sunspel

Also with Thomas Pink, I cut the collars off when frayed and use them as gardening shirts … they last for years that way.

Alternative is a discreet slim watch! (Do you get left jacket sleeve wider as well?)

Even my thickest watch is quite thin (Omega Seamaster). I have not required different widths with jacket cuffs, but perhaps my tailor does it without being asked. I must measure them.

I pocket watch is what you need.

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