Shock horror

Oh no, no Sunday papers in Sussex today….

Perhaps nothing has happened in Sussex?

It’s Saturday :wink:

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No drivers apparently.

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Interestingly there seems to be a shortage of large vehicle drivers.

Our fortnightly green waste collection has been late for months, council have now said they can only provide monthly due to driver shortages. They also claim it’s not an essential/mandatory service which seems like rhetoric to start charging for it as many other councils do these days.

Fast ‘Food outlets’ are having issues with supply chain, again due to drivers, is it news? No idea but I’d imagine a blow of life changing gravity to some :wink::

Quite a few of the lorry drivers I see are bloody massive. They certainly don’t seem to be in short supply.

Perhaps they can reproduce by fission once they reach a certain mass.

Asexual budding might be an option. Just imagine, a large blob of butt cheek drops off and lo and behold another driver.

Parthenogenesis came to mind, I wish it hadn’t.