Shoe Box Rack Suggestions

I’m looking for a compact enclosed shoebox rack with 4 shelves that I can sit on top of a table. Would consider a 2x2 or 1x4 configuration. Not looking to spend a fortune and IKEA furniture quality would be fine, no need for a dedicated audiophile rack. Any suggestions?

I use a Quadraspire Midi. 40cm instead of 60. I don’t think I have a picture of when I had the HiCap on it. But here’s slightly wider A4 footprint sytem on the Midi rack. Cute as a button.


If I remember rightly HiFi racks used to offer a rack suitable for Cyrus - maybe worth a shout contacting them as they say they offer bespoke

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Thanks both much appreciated will look into these :+1:

If you’re happy to get the power tools out then IKEA do 40cm wide by 40cm deep Billy that could be modded.

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Atacama do an Evo Compact rack that looks quite nice. I’ve no idea what it sounds like though…

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