Shopping in your NAS

Would this need to be dynamic or is a one off compare acceptable? If one off, soundiiz might work… I have not used it but it has a function to export your roon library to qobuz… the mismatches would show up.

So you want to know what albums you already own that are not on Qobuz🤔
Or have I missed something?

Exact. As a Roon view

I think people are struggling to see what you are going to do with this information once you’ve extracted it…

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If the local versions are of low quality it could be used to notify when potentially better versions are available with a combination of tags and another view using a ‘ tagged but not in’ type of filter maybe.

Roon ‘focus’ only works on albums added to your library so this isn’t going to work.

Returning to the thread title, I used to acquire duplicates from time to time in the “old days” I.e. before I got into local streaming and when I used to frequent record stores. But I can’t recall the last time I bought a CD that way. It’s all purchased on line or at concerts/gigs these days and, if ordering online, it’s a matter of moments to check what’s on the NAS.

Books, though, that’s a different matter. Too many friends and relatives have received birthday or Christmas presents that just happened to be duplicated of what was on my shelves. Occasionally, I’m even honest about it!


I wasn’t thinking about duplicates as such, more about simply forgetting what I’ve actually got. I have loads I’ve forgotten, and it’s a real pleasure discovering them. It’s literally like getting free music.


I need to do more discovering of my existing library. I am a creature of habit. This thread is a useful nudge, thanks Nigel!

I have just pulled up an album count in Roon, it’s quite clever as it knows what you have previously played. I have only played 1513 of my 3964 albums in my library in the last 4 years since I started using Roon. I’m surprised it’s that high actually.

Maybe I should keep the current focus showing and pick only unplayed albums to listen to. I might just do that!

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I tried myself and searched the Roon forum but didn’t find a way. I think the problem is that (sadly) the full Roon functionality only comes into play once an album is added to the Roon library, and by definition that’s not the case for all existing Qobuz releases, so the focus options are limited.

(This library vs non-library difference is a source for many limitations and they know they have to change this at some point, but it’s built deep into the current architecture and I suppose can only be changed once much more Roon functionality is moved into the cloud. There’s just no way for a local Roon core to hold and search all the database info for 50 million Qobuz albums)

this only shows what’s local, but not what’s local AND not available at all on Qobuz

Indeed, it was suggested before that clarification was made. If there was a ‘versions = 1’ focus option available as well it might work but version count is not an option.

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That’s a good idea that would be doable now, clearly it knows whether there are non-library Qobuz versions under the versions tab

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Thank you, this makes sence!

That would be nice