Shopping in your NAS

I suspect most have heard of the expression ‘shopping in your wardrobe’, or closet for our US friends. For the past few months I’ve cut right back on buying records and have been shopping in my NAS. I went through a phase of buying loads of albums, many of which didn’t get listened to more than a couple of times. I’ve discovered some real gems. The other day I was looking at the What are you listening to…? thread and an album caught my eye. I went to Qobuz to buy it, but something made me check the collection first, and there is was! I wonder if others have music they have completely forgotten about or if I’m simply more dopey than I thought.


I’m right with you on this HH.
I’ve just spent 2 weeks in covid lockdown, a few days feeling unwell, then a lot of days of growing boredom.
So with just your problem in mind I started thinking and searching for a reasonably simple way to log my NAS albums, an index of some sort that can be loaded onto a spreadsheet type of program that can be kept on a PC or tablet independently of the NAS itself. I’m looking to have it listed by standard metadata headings, album name, artist, composer etc.
So far no luck, so any ideas from anyone gratefully received

Or Core!

The first 10 weeks of this year I have only purchased 1 album.


Reading Miles Davis bio and listening to his studio catalogue in chronology order (so loads I hadn’t listened to in a while)…just finished both😅

Also I have been ripping all of my CDs (approx 6k) and found when I was getting ‘Miles fatigue’ something I had just ripped took my fancy and so I listened to quite a few albums I haven’t heard in years.

Thankfully the only duplicates I have found are one’s where I had the original and then bought a multi album boxset at a later point.

Finally last year I purchased approx 250 albums via Qobuz / Bandcamp which I don’t believe I gave proper attention to so will go shopping in my Core very shortly😄


Googling “Export Asset Database to Excel or XML” will find a thread on the dbpoweramp forum…

Edit - it’s from 2014, so I guess I’m assuming the method still works!

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I have a few duplicate CDs and LPs. I think all of us do this sometimes, especially if we are flicking through a sale shelf. To be totally honest, I once bought a CD online when if I had looked to my left I would have seen it in my sightline.

See my post on the Innuos thread. I’ve been using one of their Smart Mix options to Play Anything for a while now. It’s mesmerising. Walks me randomly through my music collection. Fantastically eclectic and surprising. See last played tracks below for where I’ve just stopped to type this.

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Yes I have bought a few CDs that I already own. I often check what’s on my NAS in the shop!

I have been going to the local hospice shop and must admit i often forger what i have bought……will do some shopping.

You are not alone! I’ve bought the same CD twice on more than one occasion :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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This is what I have been doing for the last couple of weeks as well.

I tried Roon for a month (and just decided to buy it) only to discover that I have a lot of music on my NAS on low quality. Remnants of start of the century iTunes days when I tried to get as much of my music library on my iPod as I could.

I have been re-ripping these cd’s and updating the files on the NAS accordingly. Going through the alphabet I have rediscovered a lot of gems that are not in the Qobuz library.

Letter G after a month, a long musical journey to go still.

I yet have to discover how I can make a Roon filter that shows me all my local albums that do not exist in the Qobuz library, now that would be something. (perhaps @Suedkiez knows).

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I use an app named ‘CLZ Music’ to catalog my content. Syncs across multiple devices and is a handy reference while out shopping to prevent accidental duplicates. As with ripping, it’s a chore when initially populating but from then on a breeze to use.


Thanks for thinking of me :slight_smile: There are some views into the library in Roon that one thinks should be simple but turn out not so much. Not sure about this one but always happy to try and figure it out and learn something new in the process. May work out or not, but before I try, do you mean albums that …

  1. Exist locally in your library
  2. Are also available on Qobuz, but you didn’t yet add them to your Roon library from there?

Or do you mean albums that …

  1. Exist locally in your library
  2. But don’t exist on Qobuz at all?

Or something else?

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Albums… focus … storage locations

I have also done that! :crazy_face:

Thank you! Yeah, I noticed you are quite involved with Roon stuff.

The 2nd option. I would like to see what I have in my local library that is not on Qobuz.

+1 for the CLZ Music app. It must have saved me a fair few quid over the years. No more duplicates.

I’ve only once unintentionally bought a duplicate album - that was when I’d been hunting for one particular, struggling to find, then finding and ordering but a few weeks later its absence, and unable to find a copy of the order, I thought I must have omitted to finalise so ordered again. Two came over the next few weeks.

Basically I think I know everything I have in my collection (helped by only around 1200 albums in total, not the massive libraries some people have). At any one time I doubt I’d recall all that is there - but remember if I start thinking of a particular artist’s work. When choosing music to play, if I don’t have an advance aim I browse, typically choosing a random position in either artist or album list, then flicking through till I see something I fancy. In doing that I am reminded of other content, which if not in the mood for at that moment I may make a mental not to pick next time.

Given that I tend to do most of my cd shopping in charity shops these days, when I have bought a duplicate album I console myself with the fact that I have actually made a donation to a charity, plus the cost is minimal. Taking the said cd back to a shop then recycles it, so a bit of a win-win.


Do you have this option under ‘My Albums’ if you select focus… you need to scroll right a few times to see it.

Not what I want exactly. That just gives me all local files. I want to see the more obscure local albums that are not on Qobuz. Probably not possible.