Short popping/buzzing sound when skipping forward or backward within song from Nova

Hi. Through Tidal Connect, Roon or Naim app when I skip forward or backwards within a song there is a very short popping/buzzing coming from Nova. I recently noted this, not sure if it was there from the beginning. Is this normal or something I should be checking further with technical support?

The weird sound comes from your speakers or directly from the Nova?
Strange in all cases however.

comes from the speakers. I don’t know how to describe it exactly, it’s more like electrical popping noise than buzzing. not loud, and very briefly. It also seems to happen more on 16/44 or higher songs. I dont notice it on Spotify

First time I hear about that. Some complaints on buzzing ps, or pop in speakers when muting off the Nova, but not when skipping forward or backward in a track.

That doesn’t sound right, unless it’s something that Naim have seen or heard before - perhaps @tomvamos knows? Otherwise I would get in touch with your dealer to check your unit.

Doesn’t sound like software (my area) I’m afraid. I suggest a call to Support would be the best next step.
T: +44 (0) 1722 443405


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