Shortage of Naim demo units

I have tried two dealers to arrange a demo of the Naim Streamer ND5 XS2 but to no avail!

They do not have units in stock to demo in store or at home.

They have been waiting for months for units to be available from Naim!

Where can I find one to home demo?

I contacted Naim but they referred me back to dealers!

What area of the country are you in?

I’m in Norfolk. :smiley:

I was told currently 6 months leadtime for new orders

Tony not got one at basically sound? Your welcome to come and listen to mine with sn3 I’m just outside Norwich


You could try Signals near Ipswich.

@Trebor - I’ve been very reliably informed that basically sound in mid Norfolk have one Nd5xs2 on demo and one in stock… but keep it to yourself :wink:

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Thank you!

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Hopefully you found something. I imagine that given tight supply many dealers sold off their demo units.

The Audiobarn in Harlow have a demo unit. Not in Norfolk, but not a massive trek. Also not sure if they would let it out the house (barn) for a home demo.

@Trebor - did you find one??

Hi Hifi-dog,

I’m on a different track now!
I’m just home demoing a used dCS Network Bridge.
Just received it this afternoon, early days but it does sound good!


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