Shorter Power-Line Lite cable?

If you require a PLL cable that is shorter than 2m, is it possible to cut the cable and rewire the Naim 3-pin mains plug?

Yes - inside it’s a standard 13A plug. Can you not just hide the longer length rather than shortening it ?

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Yes it’s possible, I only need about 70cm length with my two.
However as it not just any ol’ 3 core & might one day have a resale value if it’s the original length, & as it’s well hidden, I chose to fold mine & to bind the folds with velcro tape.

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There’s precious little space behind my rack - it’s positioned between the chimney and the arc of an opening door.

I thought the lites were normal leads but with decoupled plugs on the end.

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Just a decoupled mains plug. Standard IEC.


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