Shorting Plugs

I own a Naim Supernait 3.

I use DIN connectors on all my interconnects.

I am considering utilizing Shorting Plugs in all the unused RCA ports.

Specifically Acoustic Revive RCA short pin SIP8Q

Is this advisable?

Will this have an effect on the sound?

Has anyone have experience with this product?

I own a Supernait 3
I don’t use any din connectors only RCA
The unused din all have rubber caps on them .
Sounds much better.
I’ve never used shorting plugs in over 40 years if the input isn’t selected it’s not complete so why bother.



Probably not…


Shorting plugs do nothing on Naim amps as each DIN socket is connected via a relay.
So there’s nothing other than a few cm of an open circuit wire/PCB behind the socket, i.e. nothing to short.

Makes me wonder how Chord ground Aray can work on naim.

Edit. Ground is still connected all channels I believe.

I don’t know, although I would guess at some simple LC circuit packaged in a beautiful case.

No experience with Acoustic Revive, but I use shorting plugs on all my unused inputs. I bought some RCA ones plus one DIN ‘shortie’ from Russ Andrews: since the DIN ones are not exactly dirt-cheap, I worked out how they were wired and made up my own using Deltron plugs, which is what the RA ones seemed to be. A little bit of wooden dowel to seal off the end and job was a good ‘un.

Did they make an audible difference? Nothing earth-shattering, as far as I could tell, but it was a fun thing to try. No harm, no foul.


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