Should I change the fuse

Should I change the fuse in my nait?

Only if it is blown! :slight_smile:

Lots of posts and threads about this, IIRC. I’m pretty sure leaving the fuse in the amp well alone unless it blows is the accepted wisdom.

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What gthack said. Note that forum rules don’t allow discussion of 3rd party equipment fuses:

Modification extends to the use of 3rd party or home-made power supplies and any cabling that carries DC power between Naim equipment.

This rule applies especially to the case fuses fitted within our equipment. There is a blanket and strict ban on such topics and it includes euphemistic phrases that ultimately reference such practices and attempt to circumvent the restriction.

For more about fuses see the fuse FAQ

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fuses either work or they dont, the only benefit would be if the end caps are corroded.

The fuse within the plug end of a power cable is a different matter.
These can be “upgraded” and tried, but still keep to the original rating.

Ivo is in Germany, no fuses in the cable plug


He should count his blessings then.

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If you were desperate to feel you’d done something (probably) beneficial to a working fuse you could give the end-caps a clean. The stainless ones in Naim kit don’t corrode much IME, but the ones in UK mains plugs… ye gods. They definitely benefit from a bit of TLC now and then.


I would just add that you need to be careful how you clean the fuses. There are some very effective contact cleaners around that do an excellent job on the outside of the fuse but us a little too much and it may soak its way through the end cap cement and into the fuse itself where it can react with the very hot wire, often to the detriment of fuse lifetime

In pre Powerline days and with MK plugs I used to to clean the three pin contacts, remove fuses and all cleaned with Duraglit. Remove the cable, strip back and rebuild. A very mucky duster and things sounded better so job done!
With Powelines in the system I am reluctant to even go there bearing in mind the current £599 or so.
Any views from our Moderator in pulling a Powerline plug apart, or leave well alone?
Seem to recall fuses in a Powrline should be fitted only one way.

I haven’t tried opening a Powerline, but I have opened up a Powerline Lite as the flex was trailing on the floor, so I shortened it by a few inches and reconnected it, which was as simple as in any other plug. I’m guessing the full fat Powerline is the same other than being all metal.

I would not pull apart a Powerline unless absolutely necessary (i.e. fuse has blown).



I would agree, save with the various Powerlines I’ve had (9 - don’t ask why so many), in most cases, I’ve had to tighten/nip tight the securing screws, especially the earths.

I reported this aspect back to Steve Hopkins when I first got PLs. In 4 of the 5 I bought (all new), the earth terminal screws were veering towards loose. Perhaps a facet of the stiffer/bigger gauge wiring of the PL cable.

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Yep. I bought my Powerlines preloved and both needed a slight nip up on all the terminal screws. I tend to do this as a matter of course on all my HiFi mains plugs when the rack is stripped down for cleaning and routine maintenance. Worth checking.

Having bought a ‘pre-loved’ MF Dr. Thomas amp many, many years back, I thought I’d check the plug one day and was shocked to find what can only be described as a ‘modification’ to the standard.

When I read a recent thread about the exceedingly tight transit bolts, it set my mind wandering as to the temperature inside the Naim factory and whether when these things/kit hit the cold world of transit/couriers, everything shrinks ever so slightly, which would act to tighten the bolts and loosen the plug screws?

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