Should UPnP server content appear in the unified Naim folders in the app?

I set up the Twonky UPnP on the QNAP NAS, it was a breeze, the Nova immediately found it, and I can see the content in the app’s “Server” category.

However, when I display the music in the Naim app’s unified “Album”, “Artist”, etc., categories, I can only choose the “Filter by …” option between All, Local Music, Qobuz, and Tidal. I.e., no UPnP. Is this expected? I would be neat if Albums/Artists that are neither on Qobuz nor Tidal but available on UPnP would show here.

Thanks for input.

I think “Local Music” is what upnp serves to your streamer.



That’s what I hoped, but when I choose “Local” as the filter, it results in “No results”. However, when I go to the separate “Server” category, all the UPnP music is there just fine

The global search you mention cannot search UPnP servers on your network. The ‘Local Music’ search is the content of a locally attached USB drive. So yes, it is expected behaviour.

Thank you very much! A bit unfortunate but at least I don’t have to waste time on it.

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