Show us your ATCs

I had GAIA II’s under my 50ASL’s but they didn’t work that well. I originally got them for 40A’s and there they worked great. I guess the weight limit is too close with 50ASL. Later I did try GAIA I with 50’s and they worked much better but the price is just too steep for the benefits. Granite slabs + spikes works great for me.



Apologies for a) slight drift in the thread topic b) possible restating a previous discussion.

Still thinking of my next speakers… I’m torn between the ATC SCM40A and the ATC SMC20ASLT (50’s are just too much money). Yes, I’ll try both at home BUT, meanwhile, can anyone clarify the differences? The knee jerk reaction is to jump to the conclusion that because the 20’s are over a grand more then they must be better, but then the 40’s have the mid range driver. Room size c. 25’ x 16’. ISTR there was another thread discussing this topic so apologies.

Excellent Photograph :+1:

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Aesthetically the 20s are way ahead of the 40s in my view. The UK built cabinets with a wide range of high quality veneered finishes to choose from are much nicer, and they don’t have those bizarre grilles. In fact, they don’t have any grilles.
As for sound quality, hard to say as I’ve never heard them side by side.

Indeed, I find these chicken-wire grilles somewhat off-putting, and I fear my wife would find stronger words… Admittedly, they are more acceptable with black speakers. :see_no_evil:

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I wish they could combine the design of the ATC SCM40A with quality of finish of the ATC SCM20ASLT. I think the 40’s are a much better design, just fling the grills away, the 20’s not so nice, design looks like an after thought with that metal panel stuck on some nice veneers.

My experience is solely with the 40a, which represented the most I was prepared to pay to change my speakers.

The 40a’s are at the top of the “entry” series, and the 19’s are at the bottom of the “tower” series. In essence, the 20’s feature better cabinetry, superior(?) bmr driver, and slightly more power than the 40a, with the superior cabinetry possibly contributing to their slightly greater weight.

I like the appearance of the 40’s, the price/performance balance, and that they are a genuine 3-way speaker with superbly integrated drive units. As I have said elsewhere, I idly wish I had the space and the money to be able to consider the 150scmaslt, but, sadly, I don’t.

I don’t think either model will disappoint, as ATC really do seem to know what they are doing as a company. Indeed, it has been interesting for me to see the responses to this thread as the OP.

I wonder whether the wife’s stockings could be a fix; and these come in different colours. So, home decor issues could be addressed too… :innocent:


The grills are ugly I don’t know why ATC persevere with them, I didn’t even bother unpacking them just left them in the box. I have never used grills on any of my speakers, including previous PMC Twenty5 23’s, prefer them without.

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Love my 40A. So controlled and even handed. Bass was too much in my 4x4.5m room before adding more absorption. All good now though


There is a very significant difference: the 40 is 3-way, with ATC’s sublime SM75-150 3” dome midrange, whereas the 20 is 2-way with a combined bass-mid driver. That combined bass-mid driver may be very good, but not the same as separate dedicated units, that mid being one of the best ever produced.

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I love my ATCs and wouldn’t change them, except possibly for moving up the range. But, I’m not sure I’d really recommend them for quiet listening. In my experience, very few speakers sound their best when playing quietly. But the ATCs just come alive when wound up a bit. In my system, that’s when their vividness and realism really becomes so startlingly apparent.



This is really useful, thank you

I had 1 of those very rare upgrades events that gained me some money, as you say Gary. I sold my 252/300dr/NDX etc settled on Auralic Vega G2, into ATC 40 actives, I have never ever looked back, the sound this system makes to me is incredible.

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A vote in favour of the metal grills, they actually protect the drive units, which in some homes is necessary.


For me the grilles are a disaster in every respect. They might offer some protection against flying objects, but in my experience the most crucial thing is that they hide the drivers from the eyes of curious youngsters who are then tempted to tamper with them. The metal grilles are very easy to grab hold of and remove, so they achieve nothing in these circumstances.

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I had passive 40’s before in black and, tbh, they looked really cool (IMO) with the black metal grills. On the other hand the demo units were oak (I think) and the grills looked horrible.

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They work well against the onslaught from bouncing balls being chased by our dogs. I have not noticed our dogs eyeing up the drivers and a lack of opposable thumbs makes grabbing the grills challenging for them. :slight_smile:

Each to their own I guess, removing them would be hazardous in my house.

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I actually like the grilles, hence they are on in my photos


Set up the 40a’s, i can instantly hear the clarity over my Avalons especially with voices.