Show us your Bass response

Following from a recent thread regarding a poster wanting to be able hava a system that could replay double bess low notes I did a wee test with an app on my phone (humour me please, I know hardly high tech) but it would be interesting to see what others enjoy with their systems

My xover is set to 30hz cut off (I can set it at 20) and I’m pleased it seems accurate.
The red line is the average during a complete track

Which app is that?

Spectroid, seems like. But saddled with a built-in mobile mic there is only so much any app can do

Yes Spectroid, no particular reason for choosing just a bit of fun, of course the whole process is compromised.

Here is mine. A -4db adjustment in Roon EQ is required otherwise there is a slight bass boom.

Here is a mine. This is a recent play around with a phone app to get the best FR from seating position. I used it to methodically move the speakers to get the flattest. Worked a treat and sound great to me. Here is a picture, and one of the setup and whole room for good measure.

Fab room, but no bass response :wink: EDIT: Oh there was a link. Fab room AND bass response

This was mine taken whilst watching tonight’s Emmerdale.

You need to run a frequency sweep through the speakers. I used one from you tube.

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Too many different apps, with some having no indication of what exactly they are displaying…

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