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I’m using Roon to ‘ease’ some bass boom (50Hz) using convolution generated from REW measurements. This works really well clarifying music even when there are no obvious deep bass frequencies but it doesn’t spoil bass when there is some present.

Due to my ongoing hearing issues I’ve added two parametric bands to boost where my ears (or ear in my case :wink:) struggle. It’s roughly based on my audiogram but I’ve tweaked it by listening to different types of music and as you may have guessed from the profile name this is the 4th revision. These last changes have really made a leap forward for me in making my loss a lot less noticeable and music more like it used to be. :slightly_smiling_face:


I use a low shelf filter - I confess I didn’t really know what I was doing when I set this up (still don’t) but it fixes a boomy/room effect I get on very low frequencies. Seems to work really well? However if this looks bad for some reason someone please shout.


It’s what works. As long as it removes what you don’t want and keeps what you do want.

I’m guessing this is for room correction? :slightly_smiling_face:


After measuring the room with a microphone and soft. Corrected excesses in different bass and treble frequencies mainly. since the room does not have acoustic treatment. the excesses produced little detailed bass, sharp treble and the fatigue of a type U eq. reverberation with absorbents needs to be solved

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