Show us your e cigarette and tell why you like it

In my experience medics are cautious I referenced them because they have had an objective look at it as opposed to just a point of view.

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If you enjoy smoking tobacco - I fully support your right to do so, alone or in like minded groups/assemblies where it won’t affect anyone else.

Vaping - the same, the fact is that some of us do not enjoy it in public, seeing huge wafts of whatever smoke uncontrollably coming towards us.

Thta’s about it really - none of it should be illegal just personal choice within personal boundaries.

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Do not equate the BMA with any kind of support from grass roots medics. They are a joke, and seem to want to dictate public policy on matters they should not involve themselves with to begin with.

I let you enjoy your discussions. But it’s not the goal of my post.
Thanks @glasnaim to have shared with me.
I can understand all the discussions around vaping, vs cigarettes, danger of propylglcol or not, not enough test for now…vaping nicotine…etc…

But I doesn’t interest me. Sorry. All I can say is that I feel a lot better now than when smoking cigarettes. 5 years now.
My wife appreciates it a lot more in the house too…

However I have nothing against your polemical discussions. If it distracts you, it’s the most important.
For now we are only two true vapers. I hate cloud chasing, prefers to vape like a cigarette, only premium quality e liquids, mostly tobacco with subtle flavors.

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The huge wafts of vapour, not smoke, are from a particular type of vaper, a cloud chaser/direct lung vaper, other types of vapers exist MTL, mouth to lung, which is small amounts of vapour. Believe me it’s a bigger rabbit hole than choosing the right Naim kit.

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I’m not sticking up for the BMA, I referenced them because some may have heard of it. I’m certainly not going to quote someones view on the Naim forum as gospel. As I said if anyones is interested in facts lots of reports/reviews out there, if it’s just we don’t like the look of it that’s different.
Otherwise if it floats it’s a witch.

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Ok, in that case I may be interested.

Promised my mother I’d never smoke/drink at around the age of 10.

Alcohol went by the wayside within a few years at school parties etc.

Resisted the fags for many years until I tried to annoy a girlfriend who smoked by saying I’d make myself cough having one whenever she did. She gave up, so I thought, but I’d acquired a late night habit after a few pints myself and always had a few social ciggies at the pub. Ultimately I realised I had an awful post-ciggie cough (maybe from preferring stronger brands), but there was that undeniable nicotine kick.

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I started vaping to give up tobacco, if someone didn’t smoke I wouldn’t recommend them starting to vape.
So if you don’t smoke congratulations, if your wanting to phase out tobacco that’s different.

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Frankly I enjoyed the kick from nicotine, especially late at night when it perked me up.

Vaping is far from proven as a safe option, though it has to be better than all the tobcaco carcinogens.

I’d try a ‘subtle’ vaping option for the nicotine I suspect, just hate those things that produce huge clouds of vapour far in excess of what you could see from a cigarette/pipe/cigar.

Lots of good accessible products now available on the market, I would look at the pod type vapes, small discreet low vapour with a good nicotine hit.
If you have time check out “Planet of the Vapes” website loads of good information. I would think something thats widely available that you can get coils/pods for easily, online is usually better. Maybe the Smok Nord Pod, my son uses them and likes them, cheap and readily available. Liquid or Nic salts just choose your preferred flavour/strength. It’s a bit daunting when you start but you will get the hang of it.

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Knowing nothing about this sort of stuff, why’s it got a display ?

I can see how many ohms is my coil. I do my coils and cotton myself.
I can check how much battery is left. And choose the right power.
I make 1,2 ohm coils and vape with 13 watts power.

It can explain you how it works. More complex is the atomizer. Here the Taifun GTR.

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It’s a tweakers paradise. External PS for a bit more power FR :open_mouth:


Does it vape better with an external power supply? :grinning:

Sorry, couldn’t resist!


Come on guys, not only does an external power supply help, but so do the after market extras.

First is the extension tube from mouthpiece to mouth. Ideal length is 1.2m up to 1.5m. This avoids unwanted reflections and properly attenuated temperature to maximise flavour release.

Second is the stand. The best ones are floor standers, but there are fairly good table top versions available as well. These all let the user Relax in the perfect position in the optional chair with the perfectly reclined angle firmly supporting the back in the thinly disguised casual style of the sophisticates.

I have seen these idyllic arrangements over the past 50 years during frequent expeditions around the Arabic Nations of the Middle East.

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I’ll smoke whatever you’re smoking Don: over 1 metre sounds like a serious extension.

You are right. There are special Japan cotton, lots of coils types, atomizers for direct or indirect vaping, e liquids with 100% vegetal glycerin or 50% propylene glycol and 50% vg.
Nice , rare and expensive mods. A tweaker world. Much more than switches and Ethernet cables.

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I smoked for 45 years got Cancer; in remission 5 years. Quit Smoking and Drinking. Nicotine is probably the most addictive chemical in existence.