Show us your guitars!

I have about 10 guitars so here are a couple of Yamahas to get the ball rolling…

First my 82 Yamaha fg340. Still yet to find an acoustic that sounds better!

And my 68 Yamaha Sa something. Yes, I have a fondness for old yammys!


B&G Guitars little sister non cutaway.

Not great for noodling, but ok for open slide.


Left to right:

Fender F65 - bought in about 1978. Still plays great.

Larrivee D-09 - My main guitar. Never played a guitar I like more. About 17 or 18 years old.

Maton Messiah 12-string. Unusual in that it has no electronics nor cut-away. Built to order for me. Unbelievably well made guitar. Tightest spruce I’ve ever seen. Lovely tone and easy playability for a 12-string. Same age as D-09.


American tele.


Had my 2013 Gibson SG customized a couple of years ago:

A guy in Minnesota did it - I think he did a great job.

Here is the before:


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I very rarely play the USA tele or Strat these days. My main man is the USA SG which is such a great guitar to play, surprising light but with a great tone. What I dislike with a passion about the SG is the naff bat wings scratch plate.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again what a ‘Fool’.

@HorsesMcFaddon Have you misplaced your wire cutters by any chance?! FWIW I’m a convert to cutting strings to length before winding.

I leave them uncut after restringing in case they slip. I do always plan to trim them but I never get around to it!

My PRS Artist V:


I agree about SGs Andy - they are much more comfortable than a LP, while having a similar (albeit different) sound. I also prefer the smaller pickguard look.

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froggy Bottom K

fender custom shop tamo ash tele


Yes as a touring guitar for the good and great, the SG must have made a lot of sense. I too like the small pick guard but I reckon under my bat wing plate is a lot of routing. I’ve seen Derek Trucks playing an SG with no pick guard at all and that looks beautiful.

I’ve never heard or seen one of these before. What would you compare them to?

This one is for Andy and his Chirophobia.:wink:

John Cipollina of Quick Silver Messenger and Man had one of these. Don’t know which model though.

“To create his distinctive guitar sound, Cipollina developed a one-of-a-kind amplifier stack. His Gibson SG guitars had two pickups, one for bass and one for treble. The bass pickup fed into two Standel bass amps on the bottom of the stack, each equipped with two 15-inch speakers. The treble pickups fed two Fender amps: a [Fender Twin Reverb] and a [Fender Dual Showman] that drove six Wurlitzer horns.”


In my case, cutting the string to length BEFORE winding, I don’t overlap the string and I’ve never had one slip. I’ve been doing it like that ever since I saw a video from Bob Taylor advocating this method. It’s much tidier.
Here’s a photo of the tuning machines on my LC335.

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I’ve had most of my guitars fitted with locking tuners. None of that pfaff with bits of string sticking out.

I will post pickies of my 14 guitars (or is it 15? - must go and count them) if you like, but I did that for most of them on the old forum.

Recently bought a Roadie 2 autotuner. Perfect for a lazy bar steward like me.

That is very very neat.

How do you know what length to cut? I wonder if the bob taylor video is online…