Show us your pets

Bag’s are hours of endless fun for our feline friends.
Below is Djedi (correct spelling, he was Egyptian) before he took his long walk…


Current view.


Orson sure knows how to full on relax and show it! :grin:


That’s a very happy dog

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Yes, but he’s French, so you’d think that Belgium : Canada might have interested him. linguistically at least. Not a bit of it.


Well Coralee was enjoying the match.


Jasmine & Coralee

Jas has a slight eye infection necessitating the application of drops three times a day.

Jas does not like eye drops and takes it out on the person holding her…she has some sharp and very pointy claws, and makes known her disapproval in the usual kitty manner:

…she needs another two weeks of drops, so Jas went to the V.E.T today for a manicure…hopefully this will help avoid “dad” losing too much blood in the future.


Coco has found a new hiding place.


After many weeks of use, the Fortnums cardboard box remains the preferred option.


Obviously, kitty has a taste for the finer things in life.

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Joey Tux, the angriest cat in the village, called in today to inspect how my decorating is going, however he growled and hissed at my choice of wallpaper, and said it wasn’t worth the effort of him clawing, although this did reassure me a bit.

I gave him some cat biscuits but he growled his dissatisfaction of the flavour, and was livid they weren’t on a dish, but he still eat them.


Pluto & Pierre nodding off after a long day


What a lovely picture.:slightly_smiling_face:


A few years ago I had to give a daily capsule for two weeks to a youngish female cat that had not yet learned about such things. The first day was terrible and I had hands and wrists just like yours. These were very expensive off-licence pills and we were not supposed to get them on our skin, let alone into any cuts!

After some googling I developed a method that worked well and I have used with other cats since. You crouch down with your bum near the floor and knees up and open, so there is a kind of tunnel going nowhere. If you could have your knees down and sit on your heels. Then you feed the cat in backwards, standing up. You can adjust your posture to keep the tunnel to nowhere quite restrictive. The cat will back into the tunnel as your hand approaches. Then you use your left hand to lift the cat’s head gently upwards and backwards, making calming I love you beautiful cat noises all the time. The mouth will inevitably drop open and the other hand can pop the pill in. Then you release the left hand and the mouth immediately closes. A bit of massaging, and the pill is swallowed. It takes almost no time and then you release the cat. I often have a bowl with a favoured tasty morsel in to encourage the cat to get on with its life immediately. After a few days, the cat learns that resistance is futile and anyway it doesn’t take long and is followed by a choice snack.

I expect a variation on this could work for eye drops too. The key point is that the claws are all busy holding the cat off the floor, so can’t scratch you!

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That method certainly worked in Zebedee’s case. Sue would do the squatting & holding…with a towel across the front in case he spat out his chemo pills…and I would do the “pill popping”. After 14 years of this sort of “cat abuse” (his words) he got used to it - mostly. Other times it was more like this:


The cat in my avatar photo, Millie, had to have a pill every day for most of her life and for the last few years we would do this in my study, she would run after me, I would put the food on the floor, she would walk up to it, I would bend down to lift her head with one hand and pop the pill with the other. Five seconds tops!


Hettie (top) Edwina (bottom)


I take it that Millie was a very sensible MC…….and therefore “Not Burmese”. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Indeed she was!

This is Poppy. She’s a seven year old Yorkie rescue, all the way from Portugal. She’s settling in well after we collected her this morning from the fantastic Dogsnhomes team based in Fleet, who also rescued Dela and her siblings.

Plenty of cuddles over the next few days as she gets used to her new life with us.