Show us your turntable

Maybe this was the prototype. :wink:

You can see the Thorens TD-125 in there…

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I am like you, I like it. It’s compact, with a high mass plinth to prevent from internal and external vibrations.
I would change the arm personally.
Don’t know if there is an external ps, or battery….

I didn’t knew that. I thought Lyra was still making Linn carts today.

A re work of the basic thales turntable in a new case to match its phono amp, but with a normal pivot arm instead of the special thales ones.

Will no doubt be a heavy unit, solid bilet machined out and work very well.
Thales/emt are producing some very gine kit and as already said make quite a few cartridges for others already, linn being one of them

Gosh so many lovely turntables on here, it’s hard to pick out a favourite although I must confess a real love for the Oracle Delphi - just a design that has always looked so very right - a perfect marriage of form and function. The odd thing is that I am pretty sure I have never heard one and I haven’t even seen them at UK hi-fi shows - tempted to ask to review one as it would make an interesting comparison to the GyroDec.

Anyway here’s my main turntable, actually an engagement present from my wife back in 1999 so I will never ever part with it. The SME came much later and it’s had the Orbe clamp upgrade to the centre spindle fairly recently. Michell have in the last 12 months issued a rubber coated suspension spring upgrade so I have a set of those to fit too. The Gyropower QC AC power supply is out of shot but was a fairly early upgrade to the deck.

It’s still one of the very few real bargains in high-end audio in my view and can bear comparison with some of the very best provided it is fitted with a suitably high end arm and cartridge. One thing worth noting is that despite being very happy with it running a Rega RB600 for many years the upgrade to SME IV was a very large one and in my view really unleashed the potential of the deck. My next upgrade will be to a suitably high end cartridge. I was running it recently with a very nice Lyra and that too was worthwhile. All of this only goes to demonstrate the essentially sound engineering of the motor unit.

The biggest weakness in my view is the suspension which tends to rock with local footfall. My recent experience with the SME Model 60 showed me just how much more effective that design is at isolating from floor-borne vibration.

Tempted to investigate Townshend Seismic supports.



Some of them but those two betray their EMT heritage.

I’d be slow to dismiss the EMT arm without trying one of their pickup heads first, which like Ortofon’s SPUs have stood the test of time.

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Have you tried any of the Solidair bits on a gyro?
The spring replacements and pieces between the deck and armboard definately made a positive difference to mine. The magnetic " feet" less so.

Hi Roberto - I must admit I was initially cynical about something not made by Michell because I know from being up at the factory earlier this year they apparently tested all the available modifications plus their old springs and their new rubber coated springs and measured the vibration from a subwoofer placed under the turntable support. They said their new rubber coated springs offered the best isolation.

Having had the SME in the house though for the past 2 months or so with its elastomeric suspension and having seen how incredibly effective it is (and I mean I could literally dance in front of the thing on my wooden floorboards without the needle jumping once) I’m more inclined to investigate other options like the pylons.

I will probably try the new rubber coated springs first but then will start looking at other options if needed…

Thanks for the tip!]


I used both the Rondo Red and Quintet Blue with it. It is, as you say, a really nice looking deck.
Only adjustment mine ever needed was when the motor pulley became misaligned, causing slippage on start up. It was a £25 tweak at my local dealers

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That is a fabulous looking beast, Jonathan, and deserves an equally good cartridge.

I have just had a Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua fitted to my LP12/ARO, which is a lovely cartridge (my third Dynavector, having previously had a DV17 and then an XX2 MkII). The ‘naked’ look of the TKR might match the skeletal design of your deck rather well. Just a thought!

Incidentally, what is the silver thing under the right hand bottom side of the glass by the nameplate?

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Another vote here for the Rua!

Linn has many different contributors to their cartridge line:

Lyra is still making the Kandid.
EMT makes the Ekstatik and Kendo
Goldring (Armour) makes the Krystal cartridge

(corrected after clarification below)

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Um intresting. I was going to ask who make the Linn Krystal. Assuming of course Linn don’t.
About to fit one to my gyro se/rb3000, in place of a benz ace sl…


Many thanks for the compliment on the Gyro - she’s certainly served me very well! Congratulations on the Dynavector TKR - a fabulous cartridge and one I very much enjoyed listening to at the Munich show on a Dr Feickert Blackbird into Classe and B&W801D4’s. Like you I ran a DV17 in the past and certainly enjoyed its tremendous speed and vivacity, I suspect the TKR tones that down a bit for a more balanced but ultimately more revealing presentation but I would be interested in your thoughts.

The cartridge that has me intrigued just now is the new Audio Technica Art20 - it, like the TKR is the right kind of price level I think - a sweet spot between cost and performance. The problem is being able to compare all these as well as their rivals from Lyra and Kiseki for example on one’s deck.

Sadly I have a projector to upgrade first though as mine is on its last legs - there’s always something…


Krystal is made by Armour “ Goldring”

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Hello, Jonathan, I had the Rua fitted to my LP12/ARO just around Christmas time but, before I could listen to the new stuff, I had to go into hospital with a stomach disorder. I’m recuperating in a care home at the moment, and I hope to be discharged home soon. I have gone slightly crazy ordering LPs over the last few weeks, so I shall have a lot of new music to listen to.


Graham I can only sympathise. I’ve had my own health stuff to deal with over recent months, spinal in my case, but I’m determined to get back to full on listening :grin:. Get fit soon.

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Having all those lovely (I hope) new LPs to listen to is a pretty good incentive to get fit and get home soon.

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I hope you get better soon, having had serious gastrointestinal surgery ( many years ago) that must have been a serious disorder to need a substantial care home respite.

Best wishes and enjoy the vinyl when you get home