Show us your turntable


Wishing you a speedy recovery and return home to savour your new vinyl and beautiful new cartridge. I’m afraid you’re not entirely alone, I’ve been away from the day-job getting a medical issue sorted myself in recent months and will be in hospital having a minor surgery in the next couple of weeks. It must be the age of us forum members meaning bits are wearing out sadly!

Proof of a life well lived though and here’s hoping for much more fun to come with the best hi-fi of our lives there to savour.

Get well soon… Jonathan


Jonathan and Ian, thank you so much, it means a lot.

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Wow that Russian system was my first real stereo it sounded so good! And lead me on the path of hifi nirvana thanks for posting this picture

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Just recently bought the same with an Exact MM and the latest Fono pre. Vinyl still bugs me but this is a stellar improvement over anything I’ve had or used before.



Clear audio concept mc on mana clamp


Think mine looks much nicer still over this


Set up my Hitachi turntable on a chest of drawers in the projector room.

Sounds very good, solid bass and timing.

Feet/legs work very well, sliding the draws in and out doesn’t cause the needle to skip. Nor does tapping the plinth hard enough to make it vibrate.


Rega P9 + Wall-Mount + Phasemation PP-200


Great set-up friend.
Please let us know your impressions of the pp-200.
I’m really interested in buying this cartridge.

thank you very much
I am fully satisfied with PP-200. I previously had AN IQ3 MM and Excalibur Black MC. PP-200 is better. PP-200 is neutral but not boring or analytical, very detailed and looks great. The music can be listened to for hours without any effort. Pure Hi End from Japan.

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Lovely looking speakers!

(And I suppose the Rega looks alright as well :wink: )