Show us your turntable


Wishing you a speedy recovery and return home to savour your new vinyl and beautiful new cartridge. I’m afraid you’re not entirely alone, I’ve been away from the day-job getting a medical issue sorted myself in recent months and will be in hospital having a minor surgery in the next couple of weeks. It must be the age of us forum members meaning bits are wearing out sadly!

Proof of a life well lived though and here’s hoping for much more fun to come with the best hi-fi of our lives there to savour.

Get well soon… Jonathan


Jonathan and Ian, thank you so much, it means a lot.

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Wow that Russian system was my first real stereo it sounded so good! And lead me on the path of hifi nirvana thanks for posting this picture

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Just recently bought the same with an Exact MM and the latest Fono pre. Vinyl still bugs me but this is a stellar improvement over anything I’ve had or used before.



Clear audio concept mc on mana clamp


Think mine looks much nicer still over this


Set up my Hitachi turntable on a chest of drawers in the projector room.

Sounds very good, solid bass and timing.

Feet/legs work very well, sliding the draws in and out doesn’t cause the needle to skip. Nor does tapping the plinth hard enough to make it vibrate.


Rega P9 + Wall-Mount + Phasemation PP-200


Great set-up friend.
Please let us know your impressions of the pp-200.
I’m really interested in buying this cartridge.

thank you very much
I am fully satisfied with PP-200. I previously had AN IQ3 MM and Excalibur Black MC. PP-200 is better. PP-200 is neutral but not boring or analytical, very detailed and looks great. The music can be listened to for hours without any effort. Pure Hi End from Japan.


Lovely looking speakers!

(And I suppose the Rega looks alright as well :wink: )

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I feel some will laugh after seeing this design and the pseudo scientific explanations. A real curiosity.


The [Ars Machina TM1 is a new type of vibration-damping solid recordplayer and standalone solution. This offers optimal conditions for sound reproduction quality. And it is particularly constant because the turntable is an acoustical solid on a table that, due to its weight and its elastically mounted spring dampers, looks like a subchassis acts and thus eliminating disturbing movements from the substrate."


You’re right I did laugh.

Thank you for bringing the weird, wonderful and downright bizarre , it makes me feel sane for spending a few hundred pounds on a lead.


Is that a mattress standing vertically?

It can be. If you look nearer, the motor pulley goes inside. Very strange.

Surely the tonearm is way too long for the platter, or is that an optical illusion?

(I am due a visit to the optician.)

Is it not the motor power lead that goes through the small hole?

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That’s a good diversionary tactic, Ian, but you are still insane to spend that amount on a cable!

Ah yes, i had to enlarge. :+1: