Show us your turntable

Quick question: several forum members have small spotlights on (?) their turntable plinths. Are these run of the mill lamps or hifi-specific fittings?

All the ones I’ve seen in pics have been $20 LED lights run from USB power. I know because I have some at home on the piano and in the office and always see turntable pics and declair, “hey! I’ve got that light!”

Personally, I’d not plug on in near the hifi though.

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Most of them are fairly generic LEDs that use a wall wart for power.

However, these wall warts can create electrical noise.

When I used one, I had it on the household ring mains, whereas, the Hi-Fi was on its own dedicated ring mains.


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Use leds fed from a battery supply. That is unlikely to contaminate the mains.


Mine is just an Amazon special. Fed by a wall wart. No impact on sound but I have the HiFi on a ps audio regenerator so it is isolated from the light

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I am sorry to say I was very sceptical, about your post, but politely all I will say is that it is an implement for playing records

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No longer owned but used to have a Technics SL1300 with Shure M75ED…:sunglasses:


I hope the combi has a reverse gear

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no, just drive in circles…

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Very nice @Arnsider - what is the brand/light you have there?

I’ve been off the forum for a few months, overworked, not enough time etc…

Frankly, everyone has a different set of ears. If you don’t hear any difference between 2 pieces of equipment, go for the cheaper, whatever anyone says.

Second, find what you like and stick to that philosophy. For example, I (my ears) like suspended sub-chassis generally. So I tend to gravitate to such turntables - doesn’t mean I don’t think the Continuum isn’t a great table, but generally, I end up going the subchassis route. I like Koetsu cartridges. I get what everyone says about making many things sound pretty and being wobbly at the bottom end - i’m good with that. I’m happy to put put up with the fat bottom end for the midrange magic. Your priorities may vary and a Koetsu might not be for you.

It’s a turntable thread, but to veer into digital for a sec, I’m not too keen on the dCS way of doing things but prefer the Meitner / Playback Designs way. I just find them so much more ‘musical’. Again, you may be looking for something else in music reproduction and that’s cool. Not only our ears are different (our internal frequency response), but we also tend to have different musical tastes.

Chill, find out what type of things you like and don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong.


I’ve not tested the different tone bodies. I have a Black (metal) a rosewood and a coral stone. The Coralstone and the Rosewood have the same insides and cantilever (platinum, diamond cantilever). They sound a bit different, with the rosewood being a bit warmer. The Coralstone is a knock-out looks wise too, if that’s of any inportance.
They’re all great :slight_smile: but I would give the edge to the Coralstone for all round perfection (to me)

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Hi @Klout10
I bought the lamp from the Shambles market in York a couple of years ago. Just thought it a little different

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Thank you very much. I „only“ have the black and I am interested in what you said about the warmer presentation of the rosewood. The stone bodies are out of my range but maybe sometimes I go a little bit higher on the rosewood ladder. Looks wise I like the coralstone and the jade most :slightly_smiling_face:

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I m really curious about the dps3 turntable and the carbon arm. Did you made some comparisons with lp12? Bauer is in my top list

I fitted a different cartridge last week. So i carried out a bit of fettling this morning, rechecked the cartridge setup, vta and tracking force. Now sounding very good.


It certainly looks very


Good :blush:


I think the sentence ended perfectly :slight_smile:

Looks awesome.