Show Us Your Watch Winder

My first winder was a cheapie off eBay that sadly magnetised my Sealander, making it run at 12+ spd. Confirmed with a compass :astonished:

Once I’d worked out hiw to properly use my Etic demag my Sealander was down to 4ish spd. :slightly_smiling_face:

I bought a Roog double winder with adjustable TPD for a heavily discounted Black Friday price. I’m not 100% happy with it or the customer service but at least it doesn’t magnetise my watches!


My left wrist is my winder. When a watch is not the winder, it’s resting :wink:

And on automatic watches I never use the hand wind either, I just wear them for a little bit before setting the time. With hand wound watches, there’s no choice of course.


I’ve gone solar no messing about with winders or batteries.


I’m proper old school - thumb and forefinger:

(with apologies for the slightly orange fingernail tint - washed my hands after eating an orange, but apparently not vigorously enough!)


I never even knew such a thing existed, kinda like having a dog but hiring a dog walker. :grin:

I believe mechanical devices such as automatic watches work better when they are running. I can’t wear three watches at once so this keeps them wound and running.


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