Showing sample rate container with Asset

I normally only browse (search) by Album Artist/Album or Album (name) for rock, jazz, folk etc., & Composer or Album for classical. When I have new albums the New Albums is handy.
I have removed some of the other standard Asset browse paths & kept Folder, Genre & Dynamic, but never use them other than see how Dynamic works. I really have no wish - even if possible - to search by sample rate or frequency, music is music.

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That’s okay :slight_smile:

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Stuck on starting the remote client… it’s a known issue… The logo appears on the screen and then nothing else happens.

In fact researching issues with the client on windows and you end up with loads of them. tbh it wasn’t an issue I pursued with much vigor. After I learnt that you were very much tied into the roon way of searching/tagging and it was impossible to remove a lot of the stuff on the screen I kind of gave in.

I’m a member of the Roon forum and haven’t seen any such issues. My Core runs on a Windows 10 laptop and the client is on a Levovo tablet; runs without issue.

Tagging and bookmarks are really flexible. I have some albums tagged as LP if I have it on vinyl, a not yet played view so I can see new stuff easily.

Why don’t you just tag the non-standard ones? (The hi-res ones?) Then you’ll only be changing a small proportion of your files?

Actually that’s exactly what I did :slight_smile:

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You get all this - inspection on format types, search by Artist, marking favourites and much more with Roon - it is the only way to go.
I’m 5 years into Roon and no looking back.


Yes but not AlbumArtist.

Strange one that. I mean what do people do about compilations?

Thats the Killer problem thats why i use Asset and Album Artist cant seem to find anything to solve the Compilation problem.

Look again at the Artist settings by Album.

And there is a focus filter for Compilations

tbh I don’t have the roon trial now so I can’t investigate this BUT when I DID have the trial I asked on here and I was told… can’t be done.

Strange really because it sounds SO easy to offer a different primary search tag. Other upnp packages offer this. In fact all the others I’ve tried allow you to customize what tags to use for primary search/browsing.

Does this mean that the Album needs to have a compilation tag added to the metadata or do you have to tell Roon that its a compilation?

I have never used Roon or streaming services as yet as all Internet in Village is pretty much running on 4G sims with data capping.

At some point would be good to have a single application to take care of all my music but for now will be using local storage and Asset.

Thanks for the suggestions though

I use ‘Album’ for searching compilations & various artists.
If the various artists is a main artist & friends, then I reset the metadata Album Artist to the main artist

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If the Compilation flag in the metadata is set as the files/folder is scanned and identified, it will be marked.
If not, it will be identified and set during the import automatically.
If the Album cannot be identified, you can set it in the Album’s details (same as setting the flag in mp3tag!)


Cool may just give it a go Thanks


How does Roon deal with Lyrics?


When available, either as a Lyric sheet for the Track

Or when being played, in dynamic mode, for the words being sung, for those sing-along moments

Right who doesn’t like a sing-along will download and have a look Thanks

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