Sibilance - can someone test a track for me please

Thanks for the tip on this - for some reason you can’t seam to do this on the iPhone app as once you slide the toggle-bar over it doesn’t show the screen that let’s you change the Sample Rate Conversion and DSP Processing Settings.

Anyway, I’ve changed it (to PCMx2) using my laptop and its made a massive difference to the music.

When the snare-rim is being hit at the beginning of Tin Pan Alley it now actually sounds like it’s coming from further back than the vocals e.g. layering of vocals vs. instruments

Interestingly enough my streamer (Cambridge CXN V2 ) is up-sampling EVERYTHING to 348kHz which there seams to be no way of disabling despite a lengthy post on the ROON forum about this topic. Even more annoying is I’m using an external DAC (Qutest) so it shouldn’t even be doing any up-sampling.

Glad to be of help, and that you are enjoying your music. I would still suggest drying DSD, your DAC will manage DSD512.

If you go into device setup, on your laptop, enable “DSD playback strategy”

Go into advanced settings, and set Max sample rate DSD “Up to DSD512”

My DSD will only go to DSD256.

I have the same issue on my iPhone app, I haven’t tried it on my iPad.

If your Roon server is powerful enough it will do it on the fly, if it does not work well, try a lower DSD rate. DSD might not work if you are not using a USB connection.

Thanks - my CXN V2 doesn’t show “DSD Playback strategy” - maybe if I plug the Qutest directly into the ROON Core it will show.

Chain is as follows: ROON Core → home network → CXN v2 → Qutest → SN3
Note: ROON has no awareness of my Qutest as it sits after my CXN streamer

See below:

Remove the CA device, that it “the weakest link” is the core running windows/rock or the Roon Rock operating system? The Rock OS can be difficult to get to work with a USB device. I would remove the MQA capabilities. I like your choice of power supply, but we cannot talk about none Naim power supplies on here

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OK will get unplugging and run the Qutest straight from the NUC.

I’m running a ROON ROCK operating system on my NUC and am sure when I ran a USB from NUC to Qutest it showed up in the ROON chain

TBH I was thinking of getting an NDX 2 later on this year.

If you have a lifetime Roon subscription, an NDX2 is more of a side step. Did you build your own Roon Rock? Is it a Nucleus? If it was self built, like mine is, SSD for the Windows 10 OS, and the Roon Rock control software. Music is best stored on another SSD, rather than a mechanical drive. Your system, your choice. The Windows 10 driver will be automatically loaded for your DAC.

Yea I built my own ROON ROCK myself.

The ROON OS is on the SSD with local music on a NAS, but to be honest 99% of my music is Qobuz streamed with only a handful of albums that aren’t available.

Which CPU spec have you got on the NUC?

It’s an I7 with 256GB SSD.

You dont need windows for roon. Just saying. I think the OP installed rock in which case he does not have windows in the mix.

Roon has intentionally never allowed you to adjust dsp on iPhone, I think their reason which sounded like politics to me was it was too busy on the screen. I think they just never implemented it.

This is true, but I could not get my March USB DAC to work with the ROCK OS, Windows 10 drivers worked with my DAC, hence my suggestion. If you can get the USB DAC to work over USB in DSD, tell me how to do it please?

My personal feeling is dsd is a red herring. That album has had sibilance since I was listening to it on an lp12 with Sri back in the day.

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Maybe that is the way Massive Attack intended it? However, @gav_sw20 issue with his DSP settings improved his listen experience. How do you connect a USB DSD DAC to my NUC running ROCK OS? I could not get it to work? I stripped all the none essential Microsoft bloatware from Windows 10 by running the AME script, do a search for Windows 10 AME. @garyi what is the “SRI” on an LP12, surely you miss it?

I’d like to repeat that this was dancefloor stuff, entirely different rules and needs apply for the anticipated replay systems, environments, and crowds, so very possible intended

Sorry I meant aro, auto correct. I do not miss it at all.

I have a Pink Triangle PT1, with an AO modified RB300 arm, all sorted by #Cymbiosis I might not play it as much as I used to, but I would miss it if it went. Used in serious listening sessions.

SACD is encoded in DSD64 single rate, I guess that is why it didn’t catch on?

Finally got around to unplugging stuff.

I took the CXN out of the equation and plugged the ROON ROCK directly into my Qutest via a cheapo USB printer cable.

It would only let me change it to DSD256 (the Qutest can only be changed to DSD512 when using a Windows-based ROON solution) but the sibilance is definitely better. However, I know ROON don’t recommend streaming directly from the ROCK to a DAC which I’m guessing is due to noise.

I know the CXN v2 up-scales everything (can’t be disabled) to 348kHz so this may very well be where my issue is.

You should be able to change the DSD rate under the device setup. I stream from my Roon Rock NUC straight to my March DAC1, that can handle DSD256. There are power supplies available to strip out the noisy USB power supplies. Google is your friend here, search “psu for usb powered equipment” scroll down until you come across something that is not a plug in power supply, a bypass power supply. I am considering it, but alas the supplier has no dealers. I may make a DIY 5v supply cable and connect it to a USB top up battery, have to be very careful though.

Changing the cheap printer cable may help too, this iFi cable splits the audio and power connectors.