Signal levels …

Messing about yesterday with interconnects between a few pieces of peripheral gear, TV, DVD, Internet Streamer ….comparing the performance between the analogue and optical inputs on the Naim N-Vi….

The optical/SPDIF inputs are much quieter than the analogue….and TBH to my ears the analogue inputs sound better.

I tried the comparison on an Arcam Solo Movie2 and the result was the same….

Interesting?……single cable fibre or copper feeds are very convenient when connecting up digitally but is it perhaps better to stick with the old school analogue option?


I wonder if this depends on the quality of the cable and toslink plugs. I found an optical connection between MacMini and nDAC gave surprisingly good SQ, but I did use a top Wireworld optical interconnect.


Were the optical vs. analogue trials done at the same volume level? You might just have a preference for the louder of the two.

Each source was connected both digital and analogue at the same time and I switched between the two back and forth with the same programme material playing.

Yep, same level. I was not the only one on here who found the same. There was a thread (quite a long one IIRC) on the old forum with one particularly strong advocate who’s long since left the forum so I won’t mention his handle. Mind you, this was at least 10 years ago and my systems have moved on since then.


I had to crank up the input trim when I connected my Panasonic TV using optical/SPDIF.