Signals/ Dynaudio day

emphasized textThe Signals guys always put on a good bash. We had a Dynaudio confidence 60 with Naim ND555 and 2 psu with Statement amps. Good demo from Dynaudio team. Product development guy took us thru the Confidence speaker technology, interesting.
Its all about the music and with ND555 and Statement amps the Confidence 60 was a great combo.
Spent sometime with Bill from Dynaudio and a ND555/552/500 and the Confidence 20,s. Really liked these speakers or a bit of the 552/500 getting me😬In a more customer spaced room these sounded great for a 2 way stand speaker. I think it was all streamed from a Naim Core? These speakers are certainly worth auditioning imo. They have a clarity of projecting the music. These guys know how to bring music to a demo to show off the characteristics of their range. We just need to home demo as always.

Good to see some old friends and make some new. The Dynaudio guys were great, keep it up Signals.


Sounds like a great demo. Did you make any pictures that you can post here?

Sorry know, there is a post-on the Signals hifi facebook page.

Pity. I am not on FB. :unamused:

I will post when they are on their website

Here is the link to the Signals write up with pics, click the logo in the top left

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Thank you so much!

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