Signals Kudos event

Well the guys now have their dates from Kudos. I am going to be there👍

Looks interesting and they are demonstrating the full Titan range all active.

What day are you going @Gazza?

I have “old” Titan T88s driven by cds2/52/135s
I can’t really imagine how good the new 808s will sound driven actively with 500s and 552. My system sounds so darn good this active system should be utterly jaw dropping.
Wish I lived on your side of the pond so I could just drop by for a listen… david

I have booked both friday and saturday morning. I am sure that in the case of those travelling a fair distance you could stay fir the pm session, just let them know in advance.

Did you book yourself a visit Nigel, i will be there friday and saturday morning?

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Gazza, I am booked on the Saturday morning session, but I might stay on to the afternoon as well if there is space.

See you Saturday morning.

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Great to see that quite a few of you are coming along.

Friday morning session is now full, the afternoon is almost there. The Friday evening and the two Saturday sessions still have a fair amount of space, though. Certainly interesting to see which times suit the most people!


Old people need to get to bed early.


And Fridays aren’t as busy as they used to be…

‘Say what….?’

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Ok that’s it, I’m going to save for years, get a divorce. If I have any money from the divorce I’ll buy some 808’s go active and never leave home.
Oh I will need a home😳


Was it good ?

The event is this coming weekend…

Doh !

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Then you shall have the inestimable pleasure of my company on both days Mr G!

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A pleasure indeed to catch up with you Tony

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Tony, I would be most interested in your verdict on the active 808s/3x500dr system and how it compares to active dbls. Enjoy the show!

Well they were the highlight of the show for me. I have heard them in the main very large demo room with Statement and other amps, passive and thought they did not have enough energy for the room. Today though, wether it was the set up by Kudos or the 3 x 500 amps…they sounded very good indeed. Tony was there and hopefully can answer your specific query.


Thank you Gazza, wished I could have attended too and also meet with you guys in person. I can imagine that the 808 active should be quite impressive. I have just recently listened to a new pair here with passive 552/500 and I liked them very much indeed.

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I am back tomorrow as is @tonym and will give a more thorough feedback…and so is @NigelB
So more comments hopefully.