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I have a new NDX2.

Anything I need to do in my Qubuz settings to ensure that I receive the highest resolution recordings via my hone network (wired).

Also, system automation between the media player and 252, once connected will the new remote work the volume on the pre?

Thank you!

Yes, the streamer remote and Naim app will control the preamp volume.

Sign in to Qobuz in the Naim app and just check that the setting there matches the level your subscription gives you.

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Thank you.

Think I have sorted the system automation. Very handy.

The unit also sounds harsh and thin, connected to XPSDR. Is this normal?

Underwhelmed so far.

A new NDX2 will need running in and be properly warmed up. When I bought mine I left internet radio on overnight for a few days which speeds up the process. I also have an XPSDR and didnt sound harsh to me even from the start. Check your cable connections maybe? Others who are more knowledgeable may have suggestions. Enjoy the music!


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PS no such thing as a silly question, if you don’t know the answer ask!


I dont have an NDX2 - but adding an XPSDR to my 272, it took a week before it started to really reap the rewards.

How does it sound just running off its internal PS ?

What’s the rest of the system?

I bought my XPSDR as an ex demo so can’t comment on that. I wonder whether @Bluenose also bought the XPSDR from new?

One comment to add to that, great care needed when disconnecting the XPSDR switch off and leave for 15 minutes or so to avoid blowing a fuse in the XPS


XPSDR is used.

In my experience the NDX 2 should not sound harsh and thin when connected to XPS DR. The uplift in my system was immediately apparent both to me and my partner in crime. As others have said it may be a cabling issue. Good luck - I hope you get it sorted. I would not want to be without the PS.

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It’s probably due to the Burndy connection. I would switch off the XPS , wait 15 minutes, then disconnect the burndy, and de-stress the burndy. It has to be free flowing like a snake, not touching the floor, rack and power cables.
And see also if you have connected in the right direction.

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As FR says above, getting the Burndy dressing right is critical.

Check the Burndy for how it’s dressed and whether it’s nicely “relaxed”. It’s easy to get wrong and the sound then gets hardened at the top end and lacks air and “breath”.

Take each connector of the cable in each hand with the cable looped between in front of you. gently twist the connectors with a wrist movement while gently swinging the cable. You may wish to do this alone, as you may get some odd looks…

Also check to see that the strain relief on the connectors is not done too tight or too loose. There should be a small amount of movement but not too loose.

When you connect the two ends make sure the cable is nice and relaxed as per the above and that you have “formed” it so the plugs slide in perfectly without having to put any torsional stress on any of it.

You can read more on the subject here:


Thanks all.

Got to honest… was never that impressed with the xps dr…the bass was never there, even to the point I was gonna change my speakers as I thought that must be the weak point.
A hi line made a difference, (300 SH) and a EE switch…

I know it’s a massive expense… but I got a 555ps and the difference was staggering… (basically it did what I expected the xps to do!)

Don’t get me wrong I know it’s a lot of money but a xps dr PX with a SH 555dr ps is so worth the money…

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