Used NAC 552

Hi JimDog,

The shelves have the the shortest (100mm) black quadraspire legs between them, and the base shelf (supporting the 552) has the shorter legs with the spikes on that just clears the 300 head unit… All quite close together…

Hi mij29
Are they are Q4 EVO glass shelves?

No, just 10mm toughened glass I had made up for the purpose…

Forgive me for asking what is probably a very very stupid question and one which I am sure I know the answer to. I would however feel terrible if you were experiencing anything less than absolute joy from the 552 and I had not asked. I assume, as alluded to by Richard, that the transit bolts have been fully removed? It’s difficult to tell from the pictures. I’d hate it if it were something so simple.

That’s some very nice cabinetry by the way!

Are you going to use the same racks when you set them up again?

Glass shelves are known to sometimes sound a bit ‘splashy’.

I use 10mm toughened glass vibration isolation shelves as per this thread:

Burndy dressing thread:

Hi Steve, yes, the transit bolts are safely stored and were removed prior to installation. The cabinets were built from MDF to store books etc; their use for Naim support was definitely and afterthought!

Not necessarily, I have loads of old cherry quadraspire that I can use to try the impact of dedicated support on a brawn / brains arrangement, so the glass will be set aside. Thanks very much for the isolation suggestions!:+1:

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All of that should make a big difference to SQ.

The 552 will enjoy the view from a top shelf.


Oh God… what did I just get myself back into…? :scream::stuck_out_tongue::sweat_smile: ha

Where’s that blue tooth speaker - can’t seem to find it.

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Inside a cabinet with a CD player above it doesn’t seem the best way to go for SQ.

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4-6 months to run cables in? Really? :thinking:

This kind of talk is laughable. IMO and experience of course.


I think we have the answer as to why the 552 is sounding off.

Surprised nobody else has spotted it. :smiley:

Sorry @mij29 - just a bit of fun.

Hope you get it all sorted. It’s huge investment so you need to happy with it all.

Cheers, Rack.


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4-6 years. Minimum.


They start to burn out shortly after this


Can you get the Naim power supplies on the lower right side of the cabinet and then move the three stacked ones (top left) to the three bottom left shelves with the 552 on the top of the bottom shelves? I’d start with that and see if there is an improvement.

Good luck.

I think the OP is going to pull all the kit out of the corner cabinet and try dedicated brawn/brains stacks (using Quadrapire Cherry wood racks) in free space. If I have understood this correctly, this is definitely the way to go and will allow proper cable dressing, and Burndies to be hanging free and clear of walls and other cables.

This should make a significant difference, because, as you go up the Naim heirachy (particularly going from 282 to 552), the more attention you need to give to set up.


In my experience 552 has to be at the top of the stack if you want optimum sound quality.

@Richard.Dane are you suggesting the burndy maybe better if not tightened to the point it clicks into place? The burndys are sort of in or out but here is space to back off the burndy to before the click I guess. You can’t tighten past the click unless you have Hands with a vice like grip I guess.

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No I’m not. The connector should be done up all the way. I’m referring to the strain relief. This should not be either overly tight or overly loose.

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I can’t explain it, Richard how happy I am to see you here… ha ha

I already feel in trouble…

Not clear on what’s “overly loose”, Sir.

“Overly tight” to mean the Burndy is not stretched out till it’s too tight between head unit and PS and therefore there’s no strain over the length of the lead? - kindly correct me if wrong.

The Burndy connector head usually just snaps and clicks in once it is anchored into place.

Am sorry not clear what you meant.

The Burndy lead wire as I understand it is left to “hang loose” in free space.