Siltech connectors: gold or rhodium

I am reterminating my NACA5 with Siltech deltron connectors. For the speaker end I will use the gold version to match the gold WBT connectors on the speakers.

For my 300DR I have a choice of gold or rhodium. Which is the better choice?

Neither. The Naim amps use nickel. You’re better off using the Naim plugs.

When I made up my cables, I had some fancy silver Deltron plug to match the speaker terminals at one end, and standard Naim plugs at the other.

Anything else and you’re transitioning copper > gold > copper > gold > nickel > copper.

Thanks for responding. I know all that (have been using Naim for decades), but you didn’t answer my question.

Anyone else?

Ideally use the same metal as the amp contacts, as that avoids any risk of galvanic corrosion. Unfortunately it seems that means nickel - unfortunate because it isn’t the ideal metal for contacts as does oxidise over time, particularly under more humid conditions, which can require periodic maintenance. If gold or rhodium are the only options I don’t think it will make any difference in practice.

OK. Thanks.

I have the standard Naim plugs, but with my 300DR sitting on a Fraim they like to start slipping out from the tension of the coat-hanger inflexible NACA5 cable. The Siltech deltrons have a much snugger fit, and don’t use that 90º angle the Naim plugs have, so I’m going to use those.

Deltron also makes nickel plated banana plugs. There is no need to use rhodium plated connectors if you insist on changing the stock Naim plugs.

Sorry I wasted everyone’s time. I thought it was a straightforward question. Forget I asked. I wasn’t looking for alternate suggestions. I’ll move on and make my own decision about it.

Google says Rhodium.

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Mitch in Oz.

Siltech and Deltron are two entirely different brands. As far as I’m aware, Deltron plugs are either nickel or gold plated, and I’m pretty sure they don’t offer rhodium plated, so I would choose nickel to match the Naim sockets. Not familiar with Siltech plugs, I’ve never come across them in the UK.

Deltron also offer silver.

I have a big box of smal and large bucket Deltrons in nickel, gold plate, and silver plate and just coose the most appropriate.

These are the Siltech connectors. They have Deltron-style bananas. Transparent Cable also makes bananas that are Deltron style.