Simple Tips For Better Sound

and he may have done so - we don’t know

A very sad case indeed, and deserving of all our sympathies. To imagine that you can derive such musical enjoyment from such a relatively simple system is frankly absurd.

All is not lost however. The problem is that you are allowing the music to distract you from the sound of your system. You need to try to ignore the music and focus instead on the system performance. Only by doing this will you then gradually become dissatisfied and start to feel the need to make improvements. This will bring you back into line with most of the people here.

Do not delay. Immediate action is required or I fear that you will simply become lost in the enjoyment of music forever and completely deprive yourself of all the angst and expense of the upgrading process. Which just doesn’t seem fair. You have my every good wish.


If you’re streaming, hard wire your system to the router.

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I’ve just changed over to a Linn Klimax DS3 / Katalyst streamer which is hard wired only.

To do this, I installed a switch on the rack which was hard wired back to the router. I also took the opportunity to hard wire the TV instead of using the WiFi, which is 200MBS. I was amazed how much of a difference in made to the picture quality when streaming.

For a cheap upgrade, it is certainly worthwhile.

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Ha ha, excellent response! :smile:

Yes it is nice to be content and it allows concentration on music rather than the system.

Obviously I appreciate that many people on here are more critical of the sound than I am - perhaps their hearing is much better than mine. They are on their paths to improvement and seem to be enjoying their journey.

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My dealer gave me a very convincing demo of the single speaker concept by bringing a pair of headphones into the room. Dealers told me that it became impracticable as speakers got bigger, storage space got smaller, and dealers added AV systems.

There were certainly advocates and also sceptics. Can’t say I personally can tell any difference. But then I’m not sensitive to stereo imaging either. One would think that if the concept really held any weight then it would be as important today as it was back then, but it is rarely, if ever, mentioned these days. Who knows?

I’ve not heard one way or the other. But (as any long-standing Linn dealer will tell you), Mr. T is known for being forthright. The article says he was good-natured about the experiment and had no objections to the results. If this was a misrepresentation, I’m sure word would have got around :wink:

In that Boston Audio Society paper, look at the end. They claim a Sony PCM-F1 in the signal path is inaudible through their ABX-box. I am not going to bore you with my experiences of the F1 or the later PCM-701ES but that must have been a pretty bad ABX-switch.

The Tune Dem webpage use the same lame defense :slight_smile:

“Avoid the use of comparators or switching boxes. The extra connectors will degrade the signal of both components under test, frequently bringing the level of performance down to that of the switch box, making any meaningful evaluation impossible.”

It is entirely to be expected that an unused speaker will have an effect on the sound in the room: to some degree it is, after all, effectively a helmholtz resonator, however tuned and damped. But whether audible at the listening position is very much another matter, which would depend very much on the speaker concerned, and on its position in the room. But then even a plain box with no orifice or diaphragm will affect the sound to some extent, adding/modifying reflections, but again how audible depends on the box and its position. And with either of these the effect potentially could be beneficial or detrimental.


I find late night low level listening sounds better when the door to the listening room is shut.
Although I find daytime listening with much higher volumes sound better with the door open.
I’m guessing the door is acting as a helmholtz resonator of sorts.

I always leave my door open as it butts up to the front corner of the room. When it is open it lets the bass waves out rather than letting them build up in the corner. You would only notice this as the volume increases


My work here is done. :wink::smile: